First Commercial OnBoard Ride Kolkata East-West METRO / Kolkata METRO |

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Kamayi nahi hoti hain.

Kamayi nahi hoti hain.

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Kya koi asa kaam hai jo mai gharse voice over ki tarah kar sakun

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Wah wah 95000 bolta hai aur dekho 21lakh car sb hai


It always rains on your road trips because you have a rain cloud over your head


A TO Z ghalat informations hen sari ke sari

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Has since been titled 2020...

Carlos Monterrosa

Thanks for these vids! They’re really helpful! Even when I myself don’t do the job, I’m much more knowledgeable and can make sure the person servicing my car is doing it right!

Ketan Kava

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Miguel K

Thanks for not just giving a do this guide but rather actually teaching the method.

sayed kokab habeeb

Did i read mileage 50km/l

shfpk shfpk

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Boring Man

Pakistan don't need cars, period! This is against god will!

Pierre Morant

You shouldn't say it's not recommended to charge using 3-pin plug, the formulation is misleading I think. More appropriate would be to say "it's not always the most convenient". Not recommended sounds to me like something could be wrong. And the only thing going wrong with domestic charging is not the charging itself, but the installation. I saw various comments about it, thanks commentors, here in France, as far as I know, you must have a 16Amp switch,3x2, wires (not 1,, that could be dangerous for real!) and a secure plug, ideally a reinforced one like Legrand's Green-up for instance, but not even mandatory, avoid at all costs non certified low-cost plugs, and off you go! Also, if you're using apower extension cord, it must be 3x2,5 as well, and you should extend it, and not leave winded. Finally, if your installation is 3 phased, a dedicated switch with RCD is compulsory.


That light blue Audi has GP plates, that means it's from south Africa, next time I'm in Gauteng I need to find that car!!!

William B.

Nobody:Linus: You sound like my wife. Let me have my fun.