Personal aayittu oru karyam chodikkananu.Damn he literally hit a police car in the first one.That must have felt great afterwards.Commissioner in control.I have used Fidelity since before many of you were born.Sir humko ek plot Lena hai home banana hai but plot ka money Jada hai to loan mil sakta hai.There is no information exchange possible via quantum entanglement.Never had any issues.

Ye Delhi m h

Ye Delhi m h

Thats why their driving is so bad!Why should financially savvy folks like my father be penalized for doing everything right, to pay for those who were careless with their money or their education.Jatatar coy bich chuki hai.There needs to be a PSA on this.Thank you for the super recipe.

All my idea by the way.

All my idea by the way.

The only thing that could make this better than it already is would be to add a voice to explain the news kinda like what you did with the cops on the radio.Just bought a 2013 BMW (in 2019) that I got for a serious deal and was a huge upgrade from the 2005 Impreza I was driving before.I dont remember them saying that.Ilive in ireland im 22 and i pay1400 to drive my mk4 golf diesel haha fml.Bin windows 10 home.A number of insurance companies out there are playing games.Amazing speech Very revealing.AKA, "buy here pay here" dealerships.How to decodeMA3NYFB1SGB100741.

Why not just stick frame?Sir meri 10siter private jeep ka bina hai par fitness nahin hai kaya bima claim dega durghatna ho chuki hai please help sir.Mahabharat Dekhne Mein Achcha lagta hai.I've known millionaires who drove a Landover but it was 10 years old or one who bought a brand new Lexus, but this was after he drove the prior one into the ground for 10 years.Because all your videos are for the applicants who is eligible for the express entry cut off score but 60% of the applicants will fall in 400-440.Omg what a trap.One can be in chains, seemingly enslaved, but free within.Document kya kya lagega sir.That's why you can't go to anyone these days.Sounds to me like someone has their nose in the air and can't live within their means.

When I get this deal we

When I get this deal we

Struggling to understand the puppet pitch!The railroads were great  for the 20s and 40s.Can you explore more about FO option in zerodha.I've just came across this today.Kya insurance wale no claim bonus dete h?And can you plzsuggest us which format we will follow to form reference letter.

Something like spending $50 on a $1000 limit and paying the interest one month by making the minimum and then paying it off the next month.Set playback speed to 1.Arab sa be gariya baj skta ha.I remember absolutely hating the cu design when it first came out.The list goes on.What is the left blind spot its relly bugging me.Thank you for teaching it in an uncomplicated and swift manner!This is the best tesla for it it’s price.These loans are over 15yrs old.Probably Mr Phillips.


I'm confused!!   I always thought that when your carrying such a wide load, your supposed to have an escort.

Vijay Shinde

Sir can you make video on small case


Asphalt 9 is good for playing racing game staring wheel and padels it's on Amazon

Bill Hayward

Scotty! You never let me down with those great videos! I heard that the french talk with their hands,are you french? I seem to get more out of your videos by watching and listening vs just listening! Thanks!

squid lover555

Jared come back you can blame it all on me Jared come back

B2Z Powersports LLC

Amazing tutorial, second to none! Well done Sir! What took you the longest to do? The video or the actual build?

Bharat Rana

, , ,

Deepali Rai

Mr.krishanMere pass ACTIVA 4G hai April 2017 Ka purchase Kiya hua hai aur uska insurance Jo purchasing k time Mila tha April 2018 me khtm ho chuka hai but ab mujhe insurance krwana hai to konsa krwana best hoga???MERI scooty maatr 570km chali hai...

Dr.Akshat Sharma

Sir i met road accident , i m victim my hand got fractured by a speedy car which hit me from back ..My bike is also damaged I have filed f.i.r against car ownerNow problem is my bike is not insured Can i claim for compensation ,,, plz reply

Nice sir

Rakesh Upadhyay

With regards sir I want to buy the best ever bike in the world please guide me . Should I go for Hero HF deluxe or BAJAJ ct100

Tesla Broformance

Question: Do you feel it's still a wise choice to purchase a home even if you don't have the 20% downpayment?I just got out of graduate school and I'm tired of renting I qualify to get a housing loan with 4.75% interest, but I won't have much to put down for downpayment.I acknowledge that your response is not financial advise :)

Connor Whitney

Can you do more of these videos

Biplab Das

Most Simple, Sober and Sophisticated Canada Couple!!!! I also live in Bangalore and Recently submitted all the documents to ICAS for ECA on August 2019. As of now my wife is primary applicant so she will appearing for IELTS on coming October 2019. My question is as you both worked in MNC here Bangalore, so can't you take relocation from India to Canada? As I am working as a Consultant Role here at Capgemini, so I am planning for that. Do you really think that company allows Internal Transfer if Visa managed by me. Looking forward to your response.


"The car quality is so high now that we get 300K miles out of a car" Fiat Peguot Chrysler says hi


A lot of people who don’t work at Amazon warehouses complain about the harsh environment the workers suffer. Like if that will make a difference!! If the workers do or not have harsh environments at their work place, let me tell you that you have a choice!! Move on and get out of your suffering.

Aletha Brooks

"C:UsersSucker" I'm dying. He literally takes you to a link that says his phone call is a scam.

Anil Rai

Thank you, mam.


Fucking perfect...what a wonderful performance and what a way to kick it off with that last joke("other black performance")

Aniket Upadhye

vijay solutions channel name?


Sounds like it's falling apart with only 50,000 miles.Oh my.NEVER BUY ONE.


God!! He said delete.Disgusting! haha

Trans Former

Uk deltaruneOmg Chara is from it

Umar Saifi

Kanhiyan Jai bhaim

breaking news songs

Nice information

jalal mkm


Raju Chef

Money back me long miskta Hai sjr

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