Epic Expensive SuperCar FAILS!!!

Very informative video.There are instruments and businesses that do 10-12% easy.Hi Tom, Great video!

In Pune, Tata showrooms charges 15k for

In Pune, Tata showrooms charges 15k for

The sidecar gently rocks back and forth on the ride and is one of the best looking around.Might work for some.Remember, as you watch this, he is selling ).I was shocked when I first heard he was pissed off about it.I have one question, would bleeding solve the brake pedal sinking in problem?And one more point-- if there are two or more car dealers for the same car in your city, freely negotiate with all of them quoting other dealer's name.I like Mike Pompeo!San andreas best for every time CJ.

Im new to the channel.I am here to tell you the truth as i have processed thousand of cells to build lithium packs for my off grid solar storage batteries I ought to know a thing or two aboutlithium batteries.(No long on that account).Maybe the car company who cheated emissions test were following clarksons advice right at the end!Lou you are too tough with a guy who clearly know what he is doing.I don't like this car.

The audience is

The audience is

It's all about priorities and while it is true most people don't need an expensive car, others can make it work due to lower expenses.Every time i listen to Chopin, I remember our happy years together.Hopefully will pass.Now I am in the business.Sgt² membantu saya yg takde pengalaman lagi.Ka score different keo hota ha.


But isn't Sowell an intellectual?

AAS The Hope

I20 petrol kitna milge deti h

David Radu



Thank you bhai...Muze yech chahiye tha

john barnes

i bet he'd trade it all for a full head of hair.....


All i saw was 40 oz

minhhung tranvo

good for my studying

Mahesh Pol

Good knowledge sharing. Nice presentation Sir.Thanks

Rina van Tonder

I am a pensioner and bought myself a hp laptop and printer. The printer did not print from the beginning. Got people out to come and fix and could not manage. Sent back to hp. They finished up all my ink and did not fix the problem.Now what now? Throw the printer in the bin???

Muhammed Fouzy Kolattuvalappil Kunhippa

Good information

Raza Muhammad

Zawar bhai mere pass daihatsu coure manual 2005 hay fuel average 7km a rahe hay please help me

Gameplay Fun

Nice game

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Bhai sorry to say yeh maruti ki car nahi Bhangarrhai


Pham wang hui, thanks bro.

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AAA is great. I always buy it when I need it. You can buy it litteraly if you get stuck or need them and they don't care