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Overall nice informative video, thanks.BEAT THE BUSH: I know you mean well with your videos, and a lot of your other videos make sense.Congrats on the new play button!Such good information and literally FREE education!

Outstanding darama serial.Check frame and under body for rust.I’m going with my dad, and he’s very knowledgeable about cars, but I want to make sure I can speak up for myself.I didn't sell knock off, but I sold watches, pins, etcs.

The carpet got weathered

The carpet got weathered

As Salaam alykum Bhai mujhe chayeh mujhe sir sirf 50 hazar chayeh plz plz plz.And the one in the last clip magically turned into a bicycle.$ubribd - $ 100 from mom!That two-spoke steering wheel from the concept was sexy.Dude, Thank you so very much!IF you make one.They already feel betrayed enough as it is.Worked all his life.See a fool leave a fool why mess your whip up :.

He knows business,

He knows business,

May be will see this soon,.In all of the NA meetings and AA meetings that I attended with her, never once did I hear anyone talk about surrendering the outcome or doing uncomfortable work.Thanks Sir you're gonna suggestions.BHAI ALL INDIA GHUMNE K LIY BIKE KA KYA FORM BHRNA PRTA HAI.0:41 ( All motorcycles stretching on the main road) aur government departments rishwat kha kay boltay bhi nahin.Sir which basic plan is best for 1cr at age 36.What temperature is that oven set at?Upvc windows manufacturing machine iski details daale sir.Yes, the interest rates suck right now, but you get more widespread ATM uses, immediate transfers and withdrawals,no fees on minimum balances, branches to visit as needed, the list goes on.

Good luck trying

Good luck trying

Very good education.Where in the world did they find these cars so cheap?I have 300000 cc lone how I can pay off.A rebuilt title can be a great way to buy a cheap car.Sar bolero zlx 2014 model par kitna finance ho jayega.So many billionaires got that same start.Thank you Kevin.I love their cars and was looking for a used 911 Carrera S, until I found out Porsche doesn't sell parts for the PDK transmission.

Best thing aapki lagti hai ki aap har information ko itna easy way main bata dete ho ki unknown person bhi samajh jaye.Ya in Canada its high tax when herdi really shoucking ahaaaaaaa but there is a law also you have a right to do any thing,eg if we see in Israel we pay hight tax but we dot have right to do any thing if get monthly salary 8500 shekel there will be about 1400 shekel for tax.I passed my exam today after I listened and replayed your video over and over again!However, if i plan on retiring in 30 years, the taxe might be more that 33%!Lekin Pakistan mai Matches kay liye All Businesses Close kardiye, jatay hai Metro Close, School Universities Close.I really enjoy the old war stories, funny anecdotes and interesting trivia, add in tanks or really any kind military vehicle, (actually any kind of mechanical conveyance really), and I'm easily pleased and enjoy the ride so thanks for the content and developing your channel the way you have, it makes my life that little bit better, cheers.

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Love driving on rural roads, however the workload is much higher than standard roads. And more dangerous

Jerry Sanz

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Gill Gill

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Chad Ryan

How many hours does it take to learn to orient your graph’s time axis at zero?

Belvendran ranjan

Pls make video is there any investment which give monthly revenue with 8% to 9% with 100% capital guarantee

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Your insurance is cheap mate stop complaining. Corsa 3000 where I live with excess of 800. So chill.

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content is informative but it could have been conveyed within 2 minutes. Please keep it in mind that if the content is good, we will naturally subscribe and share the link. But this videos is some where pressurizing us to do so

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How can 10% increase every yr become 4556/- of 25lksfr 2nd yr?


Maybe i sud sell my car :))

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This talk has changed my life.

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Matty's hands were shaking LOL