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Damn, you tried to be nice and not get the guy arrested at the time as he smelled like weed, and he ended up screwing you.My number 03401392094.6 petrol or diesel in B S 4 vehicle?

They aren't going to pull over and switch off the engine if they want to change a song on Spotify or see if they have an update on their social media post.A tradesman works with his hands.Hard Drive Jenga?India main 3 lack ke hai ye same model.I have a bag of bananas will you trade me that generator for them?After some 6 years of my lic policy i realise that the long term returns on my lic would not be more than 6%.When shooting photography in a studio for example the bulbs we use all have a CRI and Kelvin with those numbers.What are the songs in The background?

That’s how you

That’s how you

Surely with a car, with so many Auto safety features.In an other video you made the calculation for 5 years.Hard to find one now that hasn't been kitted or blown up.Salamat sir ben buti hindi ung BULOL na staff ni sir ben sumama.In your exemple you save 30000$ on 25 years but you injected an extra 100$month on 300 months which is 30000$, it would have been better to keep with 30 years loan and invest 100$month on the stock markets.Chevrolet ka spare parts nehi milta aaj kal.I didnt know there's math on gta 5.Plus your steering wheel somehow ended up in the passenger seat.I later found out he was a billionaire.

No car payments and only 30 a month

No car payments and only 30 a month

When u say the taxes comeandbings the value to 38.BUT, on the same day.Yes more videos.ICICI ka credit card hai to icicike gold loan ka swipe karke ley sakte hai kya."The governments job is to get out of the way"?Insurance Accident staff office company.The coils of tubing shouldn't be touching I would think, heat exchange would be occurring between the hot and cold tubes negating some of the thermal advantages of the radiator, at least in theory?Very clear you work for a dealership union.Well how is it that you expect to get a deal done in a reasonable time frame and actually fair to both sides?Sir very very helpfull video.

Very disappointing video.D get trolled so many times I've liked all yas videos.The hike is the experience he spoke about, and the freedom to do it without being bound by our material and expensive way of life.My Subaru that I bought 5 years ago was considerably less hassle.Always wonderful hearing Dave speak.

This insurance is horrible.

This insurance is horrible.

I have innova,ertiga and new marazzo but ertiga city drive me jada easy to drive hai bas ek cheez thoda ajeeb lagta hai jo 2000 rpm ke niche underpowered but after touching 2000 rpm turbo charger kicks and it becomes rocket.Though $1000 bucks for "some guy in a garage" quality control.She said "I used that money to buy you food, clothes, and put a roof over your head.Did he even listen during the class!Student ky Lea mil salty hai.I see nothing wrong with the vehicle.Then other hackers began to make their own copies of gateway.

Rajpoot ki parmpara ke darte

Rajpoot ki parmpara ke darte

Did you actually test them and did they feel efficient in the circumstances?If in So California just look me up on FB.Very impressive video thank you very much.I've had GEICO for decades just learned a few ways that I may qualify for addtl discounts through your channel.Story Of Overglorified Virat War.I’ve had my license for years, and yet I clicked.Caa k bare mai bolna chahiye dusre bat bolkar gumrah kar rahe ho.I was a juror in a trail where the city had put a sewer line with a holding tank in this guys yard.Aise mamle me wakil bell karwane ko batata hai.

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bhi shb toyota probox hota batana or video bhi sunday ko hi loadkrna

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warren buffet, the man who devalued currency that put people into poverty and made himself "relatively" rich by providing a series of lies to manipulate people and thus markets.He is an immoral man who financially sodomised the west for his ownmeans. how you say... there is a generation of 30 - 50 year old's paying of the debt he created so the and in so creating such debt also devalued the currency meaning the value of labour that being a mans' time and sweat of his brow was also devalued so not only does a man earn less than before what he earn is worth less also, meaning the cost to the man is more both in time and money.

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Have you guys given the G licence test? Would love to see a follow up video on how it went. And please make a video on which car you guys purchased and how did you evaluate your options and arrive at the final decision?


I look down on people who play World of Warships because they live in their parent's basements, don't have a life and they date their left and right hands.The ad made me think of this.Appreciate the electric build, however.

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Sir police person term insurance le sakte hay??