I'm lovin the hat.I am buying if the virus kills everyone it wont matter if I sell now 1.People pay that I know 270 for one car jaja.PbAMANUAIL DUBAI.In his computation he forgot to take 2 year cashflow which is -50.Trees in a forest.There's a lot of misleading propaganda in this show.

Vehiclebody damagefullyor partiallyor total loss.When I first heard about compact discs coming out, I thought that they would be rather thick things, too, and was pleasantly surprised to find out how thin they actually were.At 2:55 I got bored shitless.75 speed and still learn it, and at 2x I would start losing info.Dude look at the hood graphics for nfs vs forza.Very impressive way of cuttingslot, but i have question.

How can you possibly

How can you possibly

That is hilarious!Plus, c3's turn more heads and draw more attention in the parking lot, trust me.Christmas bubble lights also have meth chl.And as far as American vehicles go I have had dozens and dozens of them but several were horrible.So it took you 12 years to find out in 2020 that a 2008 slk 55 amg worths, well done for a mechanic with 52 years exp!Who the narrator is?

I do work with

I do work with

Sir Multi level marketing business bagge ondu video maadi sir.It opens your eyes.Please make a vedio about this.I think you are being very misleading with your compounding example where you assume the investor can reinvest each coupon in another security paying 4%.Is possible to lease a car with no miles limitation based on the credit score?

28:01 ff Audi Sport Quattro - the best ever!Sir, what is Disability, disability rider main kya kya cover hota hai?Dunno if thats how it works in a personnel elevator, but I imagine thats how most if not all elevators work as you do need be able to stop between floors to inspect things.Nisan petrol mein b yeh system hein bhai.Don't be a sucker, be anonymous and use cash.

Ye ek froud bank h.

Ye ek froud bank h.

Most of what he said u can do yourself.So they’re suggesting with the pub analogy that I need to turn up with my wallet and ask to borrow the money anyway to prove I can pay it back?One of big chor in town.Fascinating to watch this :).You're ready to drive anywhere.

Kya ajoobe hai is mulk mei.Best option koni sa hai imps ya neft kisi bhi time chahe wo working hours ho ya nahi.Cooking Dont pay shyt.And get the deeds through.He could destroy Ramsey if he wanted to.Saale woh insaan sath saal tak pakistan mein spy ka kaam karta tha.Nawaz shrif baghrat ilaj karane london giya thaa baghrati ka koi ilaj nahi hay na london main na amrica main.This guy must be son of scotty for that thumbnail.I can’t believe that you can just pass a driving test or get someone else to take one for you and then start driving a taxi.

Motor Trend are such a bunch of cunts,

Motor Trend are such a bunch of cunts,

She just needs to learn how to properly invest in assets that bring in cash flow, which is what I think she was trying to ask him before he interrupted her.11th business ideaVideos bana k YouTube par dalna shuru kardain aap k crorepatti hosaktay hain.Why should I pay processing fees every year to reduce rate of interest.Gov:Do you want to add an emergency inside release?  really liking the spindexer idea when I get my lathe in operation and learn how to use it I might have to try it (wards 700 series) very similar lathe.Are you threatening me to unsubscribe?Just get a 99 4Runner with a rear differential from a dry climate.Anyone else get a Toyota 2020 rav4 commercial during this video?



Toto Geenen

When your insurrance a month is more expensive then your car....

Nicolas Preciado

My mom told me once that she wanted to buy me an $800 pt cruiser

Yuan Ling Wong

However, Calgary is listed as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Joe Connor

Reminder that in australia you MUST slow down to 40ks an hour when emergency vehicles are present, no matter the circumstances

Michael Graham

Eat wid him ride wid him just don't sleep wid him. Funny guys

Kevin Bakar

Hello, Is there still a link to the Sallie Mae card for 5% cash back on gas and groceries? Or is there now a better card for that? Thanks Kevin

Brian Doubleday

Excellent and clear linksPresumably you can do a cash flow fro the movements between 2 balance sheet dates!!

Vile Nation Gaming

Wait... Hardly no one takes the home deduction?I get it every year.I get about 2500 back extra every year. I make around 90K a year and my refund is on average 6K back a year. Edit: But, I can't afford to pay my home off lol

Milo Hajek

Yeah, i have heard horror stories about smartphones bought on Wish.....their not so smart as it turns out



Being Donna

I tracked my spending very diligently during 2019 as I am hoping to FiRE mid 2020. My plan was to use the 4% SWR (plus a paid off place of residence) but it looks as though I will have to go closer to a 4.5% SWR. Hopefully the aged pension (probably similar to your social security) here in Australia at age 67 will help us out if there turns out to be a shortfall.


Dave would kill me, I bought a $70k car on a $80k salary but it has given me so much joy, I have no regrets.Now 4 years later, car is paid off and I doubled my income.The car makes me feel like a kid again - still no regrets.

Minh Ta

Would love to be your student :) thanks so much

i AsM

Pls uplod part 2

Cesar Perez

Thanks for opening my eyes!!!

Russell Schaner

I have one because I do Uber from time to time but if I could get out of this car loan somehow I wouldn't need uber

Umesh Kaushik

Thanks sir


Sir, I have no car but your information is very smart. thanks

Adarsh Bm

U should change cameraman

Rene Freitag

Hat Rob beim GMB Fahrwerk das Bodylift verbaut?


I feel like anyone listening to Dave for more than two minutes could have told this guy he's doing it wrong.

Nick Hughes

Got mine three years ago. Had my temps for little over a year since I had to save up for the drivers ed. Lost 10 on the Maneuverability because I hit a pole, and then I lost nothing on the road.

Yasheer Hemraj

Try using Shell Fuel.It lasts much longer.I see that with 95 Octane here in South Africa.But just an opinion. Would love to see that

Murali Jana


Aleksa Jovanovic

28:37 i am studying math and this is essential... it takes a lot of time to learn like this, but once you learn it itstays for a long time. The next time you need it, you will just have to read a few papers and you are good to go

Griffin Cannell

READ COMPLETLYWhat people don’t understand is how the system actually works. Basically when you are pulling on anything it puts pressure on the pins forcing them upwards, and when people pull hard enough there is still pressure in the system causing the pins to still be in contact with the points, and that happens because the only way to release the pressure is to let the pressure go through the tiny hole in between the contact points. Seriously its not hard if you think about cause im only 15 and i figured it out.