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Front Vijayawada.Mudra kampne bekar he.This makes me realize how terrible cars are if you cannot afford them.

You are very thorough, and that's very important.

You are very thorough, and that's very important.

Spoilt an otherwise excellently informative video.Health care and Education are free because you are taxed at a 50-70% rate in some of those countries.If you live in a state where it hails a lot or has a lot of deer, you might save money by lowering your deductibles.Real estate agent tells me to get pre-qualification first.Lol i will never buy an HP.I had State Farm.I hope when jay leno dies he leaves all his cars in muesuem for everyone to see and enjoy.Dear Douglas, this kind of videos are what have been keeping me from drowning in an ocean of desperation.No matter how high their IQ is or how hard they work.

What happened to

What happened to

ISLIYE CREDIT SCORE LOW RAHTA HAI AUR LOAN REJECT HO JATA HAI.For me, I'm so used to using credit cards that I completely understand how the money flows and do not spend any more than I would with cash.Excellent teacher I learnt in 25 more than in my classes.I'm from the US and I don't understand the UK's road markings very well.If you need anything diminished off your credit within 30 days or less I can make it happen.Start a direct selling business from your home without investment.You know, the community organizer who’s been active since he left office?

Being a new

Being a new

I feel like you and him would get along very well.Wrong information.HOW ABOUT WE TAKE EVERY CENT SPENT ON JAILS AND PRISONS, AND PUT IT ALL INTO "THE HEALING OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT AND THE BUILDING OF A NEW WORLD" WHERE EVERYTHING WE DO IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM EVERYTHING WE DID BEFORE AND IT IS ALL FOCUSED ON HEALING AND REACHING OUT TO EACH OTHER AND EVERYONE HAS OPEN ARMS?Em mun tai roi sao vay.Still up on 2282020.This was SUPER helpful!You have taught me how to read credit card statements and terms.The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Richard Tan

Great advice! By the way, "challange" should correctly be spelt as "challenge".


Brian paid my credit card, student loan. He also sent me 12k to start up something, all I can say to him is thanks. You can reach him on ( 12 67 5- 7 8 48 6 2

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work at a dealership before you buy a car. it will wake you up

Fabian Donsbach

i reallyloved the saying about thetoo much input and less implementing. In an eraofaudible and blinkist I vegotten used to loadsofinputs ratherthan actually focusing on one piece of learning and becoming good atit . Soreallythank you so much , great presentation )

Kkkk Kkkk

Gta 4

Sandeep Kumar

Oh lizzzzzzzzz....i dont no weather i should concentrate on board or your beautiful explaination.....i wish i had a teacher like you during my childhood..i wouldnt hav passed tht grade ..:-P:-P...Thankss

Pushpak Verma

Simply wow!!!

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So what’s better overall


That was a fantastic production, funny!

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Ap ki shadi ka interweiw nahi pucha

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I paid off a 30 year in about the same window, I looked at the amortization table and found in the first year with $5.00 a month going to principal making two monthly on regular the other separate check made out to loan principal only.Simple math that was about 5 years in one payment.The more you throw at it the faster it will be, beans and rice then rice and beans=paid for a house. Also, any windfall, a tax refund, inheritance is not fun money its principal only money. Look at your pay off schedule yes it makes you but do something about it.Happy payoffs to all.PS there is no danger if in one month you can't do two next month do three.


Vauxhall astra 17 year old 600 to insure



Zahara Ambreen

Thankyou. Very informative and detailed video.

FD 2003

Debt free (twice!) and everyday millionaire.I thought this was tomorrow but it was last year :)My wife and I slap elbow so much we walk on them.I did not know of Dave (nor Ben) but it was great to hear we did instinctively what he suggests.Love both of you guys!

Mohd Razi

What is the difference b/w bundle coverage and stand alone coverage in policy??

Naresh Uppal


Voula Sepeda

I don't understand why people brake check other people!!!! I want my husband to come home safely every day!! I want you to get home to your family safely too!!Stop with the road rage!!! This is one of the reasons why the Evolution of The Human Species is stalled. There is no place in the future of the Human Race for this Emotional Quagmire.

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Bhai plz nissan dayz.

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Ham indian cho suzuki lut ta rahata he vahi thik he ham na layak hi nahi yar ...... hame to videsi hi ache lagte he na

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BEAUTIFUL!! I am going to play this for my EOP class I teach. Thankyou!