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The X220 is

The X220 is

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Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

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Paul Betts

You have no Idea how bad I want BNS Commodore ute in the US. Good ol’ Maloo with with a 5 post bull bar

Console MonsterX

It's Zee not Zed. Who taught you guys the ABCs?

Bob Bobbertson

Oh man...seems like there are people like this in every family. I think those that "borrow" have no shame or guilt. I'm no longer loaning money,if I give them anything it's a small amount and I say I'm gifting it(which is rare now,I think they are getting the hint). I also no longer talk money with them at all. Like just mentioning you're saving for something or doing a money saving challenge opens the door for them to know you've got some money. My mother and brother used me to use my good credit to buy a washer and I ended up having to buy it. It took a while but I was able to get the washer and sell it.


You're not a real car guy if you advocate for SUVs

Atin Walia

I want to purchase a old car and i have two option one is cervolet beat 2010 model and 50,000 km running in 90,000 rsand another option is wagon r 2010 model which one batter option

Joseph Keelan

I like to see the last 10 minutes as robs reactions to trying to solve the maths question given to him at the bottom of the screen


Complains about range anxiety but change the wheels to ones that have less range "smart choice" Range anxiety happens to him 3 times in a year (365 days) bro there is long range for a reason


Amazing video! Thank you so much. If anyone would like some help with implementing hash tables in Ruby, let me know. I made a few examples while watching this video (including one that uses closed addressing).

Martin Dornhofer

Lovely Van....


As a mom who would sacrifice my own happiness for my kids, it breaks my heart that she would do this to her son

Shabeer Zubair

Keto okke vitto ??


BeatTheBushLife Keep em coming !!

Sarah Iman buf

Hot wheels

md aslam

Useful information. May i know what is minimum band required to be eligible for express entry ?

Sherry Sherry

So sad many many lost souls for the love of money is the root of all evil.


Thank you very very much dude!! this one actually works. was apain in the butt.

Aaron Ross

Would like a review of Sawtooth Pellet/ Outlaw grills. The only American made that I can find


Beautiful vehicle

Anthony Gastelum

Thats what happens for being a show off... Stay humble before life does it for you... Maybe you should mention to your car insurance that you live in front of the staples center... That might help... Or remind them that the McLaren got lambo doors lmao

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Don't have the heart of a salesman lol. Right before he promoted smartvestor.

adam pelletier

why is this video so sharp, it makes it look so bad