Different Ways To Lower Your Vehicle

Nothing made in Germany is any good engineers are the world's worst.Sir I m a govt employee with 50k salary in Peshawar and want interest free loan for building home upto 15 to 20lac.At the end of this video there was a reference to "Roast Chicken" and a sly smile, was this early WishBone thinking?Radio and no GPS.FYI he even does his own dentistry on the kitchen table - as revealed in another episode!Zubair Rehman bhai Bhai Agar Hum Don payment 10 lakh Karte Hain To to Fir Ye Ghadi kitne Mein padegi.

Indirectly villagers ko rokne ki

Indirectly villagers ko rokne ki

Thank you so much!Thank you for the video, good job!Don't misguide people.He went to Ramsey's classes, and wants to know if it's okay to invest while paying off debt even though Ransey doesn't recommend it.You should invite new immigrants for an interview on your channel to share their story as well.I love my 2017 Grand Sport but do not like the gas fill inlet system.

Love Krystal Ball.3-For the love of God, work with a car broker next time and let him do all the work.We moved and now pay only 17% of our take home pay on a 15 year mortgage.Met some Dutch people, apart from similar spelling in our languages the pronounciations and culture are very differentNot moaning at Hammond just sharing some cool facts.Jesus did not say: I was kidding, with ask and receive seek and find.But there are also unknown unknownsthe ones we don't know we don't know.Super movie draupathi.I know that you lightly touched on it, but at what point would you suggest dropping full coverage?I love ur videos kev.

Like, subscribed and shared!

Like, subscribed and shared!

Qalandar hata do apne nam se.Sir toll booth par bhi security fee deni hogi kya?Roads have to be fixed in the government needs tax money somehow, more and more people driving electric cars will mean less and less taxes for the government to maintain the public roads.At 6:00 the downplaying of Bernie barely mustering 50% in his own state is noted.What a treasure!So that they get confuse and by the time they figure it out they will either be deep in debt or too old to gave the energy, drive and life to see it through.Holy fucking shit mate this is hilarious.If you lived to 110you would have paid 550k yet insurance would pay out 1 million.

And why hasn't one been made yet?If those voters are that uninformed, how could they react to a media narrative they haven't even seen?DON,T BUY THEIR SHIT PRODUCTS NEW IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.7 cr plus whatever is your home value after 25 yrs.I'm learning so much!" All this stuff he's saying is NOT for Free.Cash credit lon ka kise nikale.Srt jeep or charger?

Do not trust Asian and African companies.My question is who owns the car during my lease? but the finance company said they received my payment but you need to call your dealership because dealer canceled the contract I’m very confused hopefully someone can help me?75% so for me so I’m not making any extra payments at that rate.I had no idea the year and model of the car made a difference.How to calculateon Rd for five years rs1200What's Maturity amountand howcalculate.


Hamko lone Lena h to iske liye kiya karna hoga sir

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Really true sir ,Money will impact every relationship.

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Good thinking

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Bhoat hi achi video hy

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7:07 - 8:07 Such a true statement, infact my professor didnt really know how to answer that same question I asked him, "why do we need to learn this if we wont ever use it?" He just looked at me with this blank face and didnt really answer my question. That look answered my question. He himself didnt even know. Hearing Kiyosaki say the same in this video is amazing in how true this really is!


OR Parents move back to Belize where the cost of living is way cheaper.

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jnab agha majid sahab ka bivi k bary ma jannat na jany ki bat theek ni hai har age k log dakty hai ya show....

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Your mic sounds so monotone and washed out.

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He should have failed because of three minors issues of not checking the left blind spots. I failed for the same. Not checking the left blind spot when coming out of the parking


Easy to call someone and A-hole when you've never met them.Weak sauce fluff content.

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With no petrol tax who pays for the roads?

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Call me crazy but if i was a collector I would like that Maserati

Ian is the best 1

This car is so loud you know what I mean?

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"I wont be driving a car with 1000bhp"How wrong you were mr clarkson

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Xuv w8 modifai 2011 ka ret bahut jada hai

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Aapke bajese logo ka sapna pura ho raha hai