Dietitian’s Thoughts on YouTube’s “No Longer Vegan” Trend | Bullying, Health Scares & Orthorexia

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No middle ground or gray areas.

No middle ground or gray areas.

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Pls tell some best online insurance

Pls tell some best online insurance

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Donated his fourth quarter salary

Donated his fourth quarter salary

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1lakh jama krne pr kitna interest milaga.

1lakh jama krne pr kitna interest milaga.

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Hi ! Thanks for the advice!Indeed , it truly works . The problem that i'm facing is that i have to do this procedure everytime i turn on my laptop.By default it's off. How do i just turn it on and be sure it doesn't disappear next time.


Jay,he probably would've let you drive it around the block if you kept it under 100 mph?


How do you calculate this with negative EPS?

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