Diamond in the Rough: Restoring a Classic American Luxury Car Update ( Episode 10 )

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Sir maine ek Hyundai nios asta petrol kharidi

Sir maine ek Hyundai nios asta petrol kharidi

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This was great,

This was great,

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You cant be a real petrolhead if you never owned Alfa Romeo, so you'r not real petrolhead/car fan.

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Much appreciated! Thank you.

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RIGHT ON! Great video... saw you out and Monterey Car week and WolfParade is my Miata .. whaaaat

Williamson Ridge Outdoors

Great video again! Very interesting to see a product tested I use all the time and when I go to buy bits am always wondering if it’s worth the extra money for the name brands, dewalt, Milwaukee, this was a great example, thanks so much. Congratulations on 1mil subs!! That’s amazing!

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The previous generation is even better, look for an SLK 32 AMG. I have a stock slk 320 and love it. The 320 does 0-60 in about 6.3 seconds on a good day.

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Why aren't the parents calling in?If they don't care enough to seek advice, why is the long-winded heavy-breathing daughter calling in?

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I feel the same way about the Insight sold in the back in 2000. I appreciated all Honda's work that went into it. But at the time it was hard to drive a car that small with only 73 HP right next to SUV's with a v8 and about 4 times the weight. A bit intimidating. But I still loved the little Honda.Wish I still owned it.

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GTA 4 was a masterpiece in so many ways.

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