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He's literally doing construction and she has a masters.Now, the fun part was watching the sales agent see how much I could do with just my passport and no license.Broke the trance a little.

Aise karte karte.Ask ke time dent sari garibaldi mein lago rehti hai, koi nahi Bach pata.Data entry me kya Karna pasta hai.Ur video always nicep.Can you imagine having the money where $165M for you is like $122 for a regular guy.I'll be honest, I was a sucker.Useful video fully watching.I applied for one of these and was approved.After that I never bothered to even renew.

I bought a maruti desire bs6 but no where written bs6 plz advice.3:28 a woman ghost can scream manly sometimes.Very impressive way of cuttingslot, but i have question.Why is there a painting fee when you don’t get to choose the colour you want your car you get a choice of colour they will paint your car from colours they chose?Governmentally backed debt is inherently fraudulent.This is why most Canadian vehicles no longer have those reduced spare tires and only the full sized spare tires.COM for helping increase my school grades.

I’m sure you’ll smash it!Yes i been telling others dont use more than 30%.Bhai or bi delar dikhya karo mumbai ke.Price of doing business.Mas matipid ba sa 2E yan sir?GTA 4 best GTA change my mind.Thanks for doing this I learned a few things.Pav baji 1 plat cost and incomespar video banav.Am i the only one that noticed the red rocket at the beginning?

Stupid is as stupid does.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Best way to describe it was that you heard two shots in very quick secession compared to every one else's single shots.I'm so tired of everyone not leaving the fucking vault in time on big con that I'm never doing heist again, if I get invited I'm just going to reset the heist as much as possible, and will be the only person allowed to sell cargo in mylobby from now on.Pickup kiska behtar h baleno vs ecosport vs freestyle petrol bkz i like pepy engine.Creta safety features plz.Woooow, what an amazing van.Damn all these stuff are mind-blowing to see in this civic cause my 06 bmw have all these.Amazon web services today.

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When I was doing support for Telikin, which is a Linux based computer, I cracked up when one of these guys called and tried to tell me he saw a problem on the system.  I was like, "Uh..this isn't a windows system.."  He replied, " You are lying, I can see you right here on my screen.  I laughed and hung up.

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Greed is off the chain.

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Thanks a lot Sir......very easy to understand

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3:40 bullshit ! Dealerships like Ford, want you to use Ford Motor Credit.

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pourquoi mon Phone ne pas les jeu

Auction Market Analytics

Basic market structure!

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Pl tell me your no or off address

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Congrats. I just ordered one yesterday 2-4 weeks wait. The Vancouver Tesla site is moving 80-140 models 3 a day. People are lining up early in the morning to pick up their car. It started 1st week of May when the Canadian Federal rebate took effect. Hopefully, by the time I pick up my car it won't be busy.


Some of us tend to be cursed with ordering aftermarket products. Either too many (unnecessary) parts come with the install... or not enough/wrong size. It's startling to complete something (that works as it should) and find out there are parts left over. Meh, too late. (closes hood)


This guy has a million in debt and is opening an office? Who okay'd that lease? This guy makes dumb choices, but not as dumb as his fiancee.

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Bilkul bekar hai

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Linus, I love you!

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Dave is so kind - giving good advise and also so much reassurance. Hope she gets through it !

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Is Fixed Deposit a good investment option?

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Again, Juan is wrong!

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I can't imagine ever hiring a financial advisor.maybe if I won the lottery but between watching Dave, and if I ever get to a point where I have a lot of cash, I could just internet search the safest options for investing.But in the end i have middle class skills and middle class ability to earn income so I'll never have enough money to warrant a financial advisor