Dave Feldman - 'Cholesterol is a Passenger, Not a Driver'

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Scotty, thanks, man.

Scotty, thanks, man.

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Sir mera auto me savari bathi

Sir mera auto me savari bathi

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Cause the credit card that i havereport to

Cause the credit card that i havereport to

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51:35 touch controls

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Some very good adviceDealer Delivery how is this one well known Holden Dealer wanted to charge me AU$4995 for "dealer delivery" and would not say what it was for other than a "government charge" lol thousands of dollars to fill the tank clean the car put on the number plates etc. No way I walked out when they would not budge

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Yahan koi kia coment kr raha ha koi kia....bhai zara jawab b da dea karain k jo MEEZAN BANK ko ghair Islami kehtay hain kis base pa kehtay hain?Or apnee taleem b bata dain k kon sa madarsay sa or kon see kirtabain parhee hain jis ki base pa wo ye kehtay hain???Or akhir ma aik mashwara ha k Aalim ki izat krna seekhain....ap ko doctor jo kehta ha ap mantay hain lekin aik aalim e deen ko ap pao k neechay rakhtay hain ye ghalat ha....Ap ka ilam deen k mamlay ma un sa boht kam ha....

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For the roof ventilation try a 95/100m holesaw used in the electrical industry.

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