Dangerous Tractor Stunt in Punjab/Massey Ferguson 240 Loaded Trolly With 4000 Bricks

What about red lines on the side of the road?Freeing yourself from culturally-imposed paradigms and allowing yourself to explore, experiment and unfold your full potential is what makes for a full life!The first one only got what they deserved she was a dick and keyed his car lol I guess you are what you eat.Everyone, I pay my bills on time and I like 800 Japanese girls, and I am going to be a Doctor in a 4-5 years.

Porsche 911 also has a Flat 6 not an inline 6.No role except at the Fringes.They insisted me to go for Trend or high version.

Our First Generation of all people who use this back in 2014 since this year if you been watching in your current year.And in addition to that, we should tax everything that uses non-renewable resources or that does harm to natural resources.Spend the money for the best If you can't do it your self you are,going to give the way of life a bad name to others buy moaning about how much it cost to GET fixed.This was an emotional rollercoaster.Well worth the extra 2 minutes of effort.



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Amit Dey

Aaj kal to authorised service center k mechanic bhi bekarkaam karte hai

Kennedy Villard

Thank insurance lobbyists for making car insurance mandatory.

Amit Raj

Thnk u bro

Golden Truth

They really don't need the suits to make this video

Amin Azfar

Boleh tolong share macam mana nk tahu kereta yg pernah involved accident. Thank you abang Samsul


Every time I buy a car I learn a new lesson.

nghia vo phan trong

Teleport to heaven getting old really fast...

James Roberts

Whereofre I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints, Ephesians 1:15 Mai Battle!

Autumn Stallings

Not a single black face

Chad Reitsma

Links to any of his brain rehabilitation programs?


wonderful tips, thank you.

Hyper Star

Love them gold rims on that beast makes it look legendary you should call it Rubi and keep up the outstanding work!

Bob Saget

4:45 well I guess that truckload of prime was lying because of it was loaded the wind wouldn’t blow it around so easy... stop lying to us with false advertising

John Driver

I like these discussions because it talks about both sides of an idea or truth if you will. However, I see this all the time that a belief of a person on either side conservative or liberal will keep them from being totally objective. Like this segment 1:08:11

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how did you make the bmw logo ? can you show me, pleasePlease, show us how create the BMW Logo ! Please