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I love your video.Thank you Ryan Shaffer!Have been in so many near accidents because other people are stupid and not patient enough to wait 3 seconds to save a damn life.

Self driving is a great idea.

Self driving is a great idea.

I asked it many times but never got a real answer: Why did Tesla suck so much with the paint job?Thanks for the financial advice regarding savings, I’m glad I subscribed to your channel!Gaganbhai jo video pr click nai kr pate ismai unka ghaata.How much price of this kia Carnival car.The system is broken.I personally have had my car broken into twice.

Cual es el serial del programa,

Cual es el serial del programa,

Bhai mene 2019 mein li or 2 bar insurance claim ho chuka hai insurance first party h meri gaadi mein bohut scratch aagye h ab mein soch ra ki phir sae claim krupr mujse sb keh rhe ki aab tumara 3rd party aayega activa 5g h.Why did you stop using solar gard?Leave it down at least 1 inch below the concrete inside so it can move independently.Leave up to the Great White North!Accept the things you cannot change and work with what you got.Can I hire you as my stats department?

I still play colin mcrae rally 2005.It's got at least another 20 years left in it.I like tool making as much or more than parts making.This is not a clear answer.Thx Chris your a life saver hand have help so many times." mind blown hahahah.

Want to Start a Finance Business?

Want to Start a Finance Business?

Ek hi baat bar bar repeat mat kr.Kumbakonam district illa thalaiva.I think I would have pressure washed the rear end before tackling this job.Phenta to Thailand women team ne bhi mar diya tha.Buy a 20 year old Toyota for cash, ride a bus and bicycle till you can.Bob only ever appears on Lee's team and it's magic.Power is measured when you use it, it's the momentarily amount of power you are using right now, not measured over a period of time.00)Put it another way.Ko sa atm pin dalna chaiye nahi hora hai mera.I don’t believe in 401K, SS etc, those programs are a bait.

Travis FS

So interesting, first year of driving I have been through 3 cars... first car was brilliant a fiat Punto but the steering failed on me then I bought a VW Jetta 1.9tdi pd110, they were meant to be really reliable but it cost me 1.8K in mechanical problems... starter motor, crank case position sensor new injectors etc etc so I bought a lancer and it’s just died on me funnily enough starter motor and fuel leaks car only cost 700. My question is what is next? My mate has a C30 and it’s been great to him but what could possibly be next?

Amir Hamza khan khattak

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God if I had a 200k nut . These people are just simply living beyond their means.

Anil Paswan



Vdub is love...Vdub is life

Vikash Tiwari

Sir Kya market banane k liye v loan milta h ?Aur Kya process hota h.

Wendell Sherman

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Dipika Kumari

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Hi, if I buy a new car from dealership, will they take care of the insurancelicense plate registration at the dealership?? Thx.


The knock on the freelander is the dounut on the prop shaft know issue

Rumbert Dillahuntsville

What annoys me is that this annoying reviewer is slobbering over the greatest sports car ever built, which is owned by one of the most annoying and unfunny "comedians" out there. The annoyingness has a certain fractal beauty because it folds in on itself.