Clean Carfax? You Won't Believe The Hidden Damage We Find On This "No Accident Reported" Vehicle.

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1.Corinthians:God hath chosen the foolish things of the world,to confound the wise:and God hath chosen the weak things of the world,to confound the things which are mighty.


But remember, this example is only finding the answer to a problem 14 years from today. It's not "missing" anything, in fact he says this in the beginning of the vid.So to answer your question, you would first have to figure the lump sum needed ($21k). Now, compute your problem. ("how much would I need to save each month, for 14 years, at x%, to accumulate $21k?)And where is he going to find a liquid account paying 6% a.p.y. guaranteed, lol?

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Funny thing is, you do benefit credit score wise by holding a sub 7% balance on ONE card with the remaining cards having a $0 balance...It's not a "pay the bank" scheme smh. It's literally how the FICO algorithm for each Scorecard is made. Go research the MyFICO forums if you don't believe me. It's common knowledge. In short, do your own research and don't believe every random YouTuber

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Thank you for this wonderfully informative video. I live in Southwest Florida need I say more? I always seem to be without power for a week or two after a hurricane and I do not like storing propane down here because of our intense heat, that's just me so I love this option.



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