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I have a monthly budget w expected yearly expenses divided by each paycheck.I don't understand them and I don't have scan tools to check them.6935 because 69 is 15, 15 3 is 5 so the answer is 5 and is also known as divide.

That's considered excellent and it also shows you're using your credit cards.Just kill them all.This is amazing and good teacher, thanks.This is turning into my favorite car channel and fast.You think everything will break your car.Bhai muze 80000 hjar tak chiya.Tae ang ins, dpt kau ang mag reach out kc meron na ng inspect e.Very good and informative,well done.I wonder how much money was lost.

Puts the term "big

Puts the term "big

To sirproject report Kaisi banani h.What is a drastic income and lots of money in bank?His consolation prize was a new wife from the congregation, 30 years younger than him.In the past I bought used cars some were OK but there is always the worry of repairs and face it as you get older who wants to break down on a road trip with your family.Plus the GTR is Nissan's high end, and if they're collabing with Merc for the next Z, their next high end needs to be a supercar like the other manufacturers are doing.We had Heloc all these years and have been using it only as family emergency fund and the interests of our Heloc is even tax deductible!Good information dilip.This is a very interesting technology, the "purely mechanical" aspect makes it so much better form my perspective and I was just so happy to be able to see the explanation so thanks for that :).Waseem bhai with all due respect you need to cut down on this segment.And you do all this in your kitchen?

Mera 3 jan ka family leke

Mera 3 jan ka family leke

Great video once again!So if you put in a claim which is a hit and run, vandalism, just someone else’s fault then your rates would not go up.I want a show where he just tells his life stories.Was really helpful.Me selling logo for 50$ buyers it's so expensive can you do it for 5$.Key is be factual not emotional.And I am very Disappointed by this decision.

Get a car worth insuring,

Get a car worth insuring,

Sood ko munafa keh raha hy.Two card and one loan, 3cards, etc.The rooster will come to roost and it will be a very painful day for most.Our car insurance due date is 2882019.Chaman boder wali gario ka custom batae.

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superb. sir tq

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Just because this Aussie isn’t having fun because of hackers, he calls it the worst thing to happen too gaming XD, the logic is upside down just like Australia!

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0:19 srs matt you never getting a rolls again from rolls royce


This is old

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Hi, I wanted to participate but my credit score had fallen from 649 to 607 went i open a new account with Discover crd and obtained my 11 inquiries. I current placed a dispute again collection agency and started a settlement with Capital One. I used the Discover Crd CreditWise stimulator to borrow a loan and return score was reduced again to 591. I can afford payment actually my payment history is current 99%. I'm afraid if I participate my score will decrease. Any advice

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I like

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Top Ten Cheapest SUVs to insure. Not a single car (as in sedan, coupe, convertible or hatch) on the list.


Ferrari dino and maserati merak and lamboghini urraco

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A jo mudra yojana he na a sirf amir admi keliye..Pri koi jab lo ne mangne ke liye bank ka pas jati he na o bolta he ap ja ke modise lone mangiye

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Is good ..... thanks

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Chettante video njan kaannarund, oru doubt clear cheyth tharumo, 7 lakhs budgetil, which care do you prefer, swift, figo, tiago. Ford aann enik ishtam but spare parts and maintenance ithiri kooduthala. Eatha bro nallath?

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Me 10 lahk ka home Lena chahta ho ghar mera 25 lahk kahemujeh mil jayga kiya

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To some of the comments,HAVE MERCY ON YOUR BROTHERS. Ppl are asking these questions bco of difficulty not desire. Rent can easily be greater than $1500-2000USD a month for a brother with family of 4/5. Want to give your kids Islamic school education? Need gas, groceries, utilities, expenses are real. What happens when you are 65 yrs old? No 401k bco haraam. No house bco haraam loans. Your kids who have their own families and responsibilities to take care of you and your wife. Ppl are aware of Allah and do not seek disobedience. Just looking for clarity to real life problems. So have mercy brothers and sisters.

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The psychic was cringe af! Haha

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Lets smash a dudes window who has his windows rolled down and the car was clearly running... makes sense