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U should send this to taxi company.If i knew that it has body roll problemi never ever buy it.Calculators are only allowed at Science classes in Russia, and we don't need all that plotting thing.Who watches this crap.I'm just a stupid American but is the Polo a Golf or a Jetta hatch or is it an independent vehicle?500 sports car, not so much a challenge more of a desire to go into debt.QA videos are always interesting bhai.

Does this mean, we have to pay

Does this mean, we have to pay

Too bad I don’t understand these terms.If u re going to change electric car each fckin 5-6 years, its not eco friendly, and dont call yourself that.No car channel is safe.It's called a thicker flicker.Today is Oct 16 2017.Sir mine jab gadi finance kee thee to RC me HP nahi likha thaa aur ab maine total repayment bhee kar diya he but RTO me update nahi kiya koi problem to nahi he.Notice how the world champ teacher wears a very paint scratchy watch?Js tiuydbfuufuuuuuuuyretyczxintsbdczshhc'"cc"cc"cccxccccccxxxcfsv.

Started watching because I was intrigued at first.I'm back at Babystep 1 after getting all the way to 6.Aap k bataye huway method sa.Bet he's pissed he didnt get the 50% bonus lol.Hi, can you tell me what the best utilization would be for two cards?

Only buy on the last day of the

Only buy on the last day of the

Great challenge!Can you three do a like Top gear Challenge, 500 - 1000 budget car,and do like1st Challenge, fulltank drive, see who goes the best distance, Then a track lap.And BTW, I thought your presentation was quite educational!How do drivers, especially "professional drivers" fail to know the difference between a giveway and a slip road?Especially the ballpark percents ranges at the end of the call.I'm also in the Bay Area and paid mine off about 12 yrs.I needed it last winter when my Ford explorer flipped after sliding on ice and totaled it.

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I'm surprised you're Dad has let you live this long.

Hull Style Produtions Change the World

Ithink I can't I won't. If I know I can I will!

David Hodge

If 74% of the reason people succeed at investing is bc they actually invest and not bc of ROI or fees, then why pay a guaranteed fee to POSSIBLY get a slightly higher return? Index funds seem like the way to go unless you can pick the unicorn mutual funds.I LOVE Dave but disagree with the mutual fund advice.

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fuck, thank you. This really pissed me off x x

Camry Ctc

Yay! My Camry was listed!!

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Congrats! Just paid off myhonda TODAY.. I made it out the tunnel! . Now onward to debt free, and an emergency savings fund.

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Im 35 and i have bought 3 cars already (2 new1 used) but at the dealer they have never asked for any of this stuff other them my ID.I just fill out a quick 3-5 minute applications and I'm usually out with a car in 2-3hrs