car rental system

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It is imformative and funny, a pleasure to watch.I bought a Hyundai elantra used with 16,000 miles on it for 13,000 and I paid it off in two months.Do you can make a video why the rotational speed falls and goes up or how to fix it.I made mine with lots of alluminium.We really love it and think it would work REALLY well on the show!

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And- sorry bro - your wife is so far above you in physicality than you.I found it very comprehensive and your explanations were very concise.That's the loan shark and should be illegal!Clearly the car has a reserve of a few systems, but when those run out.To me it’s safer the merge as soon as possible and all be moving at the same speed.Sir please make one video onWhat is Money Laundering.Forza is more original but the crew is more exagerate.Snowflakes and progressives.It makes no sense to buy a car when the value is GUARANTEED to drop in the time you own it.It was really great n not confusing at all.

You may have 25k

You may have 25k

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Chris A

"Can't be from KFC cause I pay cash there" lmfao

Khurram Shahzad

Sir new cultus vxl ka bta dy 50%5saal p ktni mangi pray gi 2018 r2019

Drakester clevenger

4:40 XD

Kris Maly

I enjoyed watching this video and recommend others to watchHost is an awesome teacher. Explains clearly and crisply.Thanks for educating the community and appreciate your volunteership.Keep posting some more videos.Thanks a bunch

Rui Carson

They lower the rates ,you pay more much more because here in Australia. They rise the land and house prices,,,in 2002 a block of land was ,$34,00 now is $260,000 17/18 squares

raju nayak

Sir mera bike finince pe thha lekin ab clear ho gaya hai to kya select kare finnice ya case

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