I like you M ALI.Collecting memories instead of thing?He has zero balances.Tall guy is just a weirdo.Or just add another 100g flour and water?Bhai shap hme lena h.

Watch jay Leno garage his review off same car and it's owner is 100% better info,and don't have to listen this numpty chat pure shite.I reached 245,000 miles when it started to burn a lot of oil.Why the step of writing in to text box didn't work with me?Yar zawar bahie ap ka nambar be lahke plz.

Nothing like waking the wife up at 5am on her day off!Satisfaction guaranteed, you won't regret it."That's a challenging wank" will always crack me up.I will use my ford f150 like I usually do.I assume off camera before adjusting carbs you have checked the dwell angle and the ignition timing are correct.I buy i3 3200 for 5 dolars.

You made more sense in

You made more sense in

Superb video sir.The insurance company dragged its heels for months until it finally paid the additionalrepair.Not really a great test since most EVs rely on regenerative braking to top-up charge and extend range.Thanks so much for the detailed briefing!I took 9 lakh petsonal loan emi 22000 for 5 yeari wantto deposite in 3 year.Jesus, you can't find a car in most places in the US that is under $1000 that isn't a rusty pile of crap with a blown engine.Thanks for your experience dear Chanks.I'm voting for Trump, but I find Bernie to be the most likable of the Democrats.If people only knew what was really going on.The Fatal flaw was their transmissions and it was just a nightmare to work on.

LOU ::You are panicking let the poor man

LOU ::You are panicking let the poor man

This video gets 2 thumbs up from me!Imagine if the whole world would be at peace and work together.Your videos are excellent!Place a free quote and talk to the writer.PbMuhammad Kaleem.

Nd yr suggestions too good to get

Nd yr suggestions too good to get

Secret number 2, why would the insurance company give a fuck if you're going to sue their insured for a policy limit of $100,000 why would they care?One thing can be a little misleading though.What are the materials used?Had a shitty laptop then got a new one and destroyed the old one this would have been so helpfulI'm a dumbass.If I become an AU on multiple peoples positive credit accounts until I myself have good or great credit will I see a larger increase or is it limited somehow?Basically your choices are1: vote for trump to keep draining the swamp while shrinking the government's control over our freedoms 2: vote Democrat so they can undo everything up to this point and have our rights stripped from us as they lead America to socialism and communism.4% interest with a credit union.What a hot mess that situationis!

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Auto manufacturers are required by federal law to make parts for cars for at least 10 years after the model year.


We buy new and drive them for usually 12 years.Four or five years of payments and then seven or eight of just maintenance

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enjoy your videos, you have such a radio presenters voice, you should be in radio, , thanks for sharing your videos are always informative interesting and funny,

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I love how this guy also makes the time to read the comments and read other ppls opinion