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I have been to the heart.Anyways keep the good times coming, thanks for all the great vids.16:26 Vdikat enters.Bilkul right sir.Use your camera phone with long stick to pass it all under your car and observe any attached bug.

This video make i want to try tint.Sb step by step plz.I am your bigggggggggggggggggggest fan.

Accha laga video dekhkar.Don't forget on the American express blue cash card that you also get 2% back on department stores?Affiliate pa nila yun shet.Humesha 6 month ka expenses money humesha saved hona chahiye kyu ke 6 month bohot hota hai kisi bhi financial problem ko face karne keliye.Your testes are close to your bottom but you still play with them all the time.And never feel you owe your insurer any loyalty.:D I also saw them come into the classroom though so that was pretty cool.Is there any waywhen i select item listed on combo box and enter anything on textboxwould go to the sheet where i want to put.Would love to see that.

After this, I found another form online called a Declaration of Buyer and Seller Regarding Value of Used Vehicle Sold.Do you have the basic blue cash card I  didn't see it in your video what's in your wallet video?The virus has been defeated!Thanks a lotsir.We dont want to turn the auto industry into health care industry.We're not disappearing, and there is no need to import ANYONE.If the coupon payments are reinvested at 10.The progress bar will show the progress of the task from 1-100.

Anyone tried this strategy and does it work?Was all set until dave said 14th of take home.Cashless self video claim plz samjaiye.They need pre mix they have start up procedures and other things I own both RX7 and RX8 both are running great still if you know how to look after them they will look after you just like a piston engine.I dont hear clearly rigth ear.Insurance puthukkenda time ayi.This is the key to getting to know what the adjuster thinks.

Color No4H

I have the bmw Mercedes and venenoAnd g Wagen

Umesh Panwar

Motoroctane is best channel ye dono bakwas krte h bs

Vikram Rawat

Bike two player ke liye konsa insurance achha hai


Jeremy:Minimum speed of 100 mphCrowd:Yaaaayy!!

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Agents camision Kitna hai

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Supply and demand will be severely interrupted. Chaos will probably be the outcome, since people can't get food and other daily essentials. Outbreak of world war 3 ensues if the mess can't be contained.

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More starts is more wear....butThe real problem is highway Howard doesn't exist.If Howard is willing to drive 50 miles to work, it's because he lives in a very expensive to live metropolitan area.That means he still runs around home in the evenings and weekends.Also Howard will get into lots of traffic jams as he gets closer to the city (or as he is leaving work).And yes if a 7 year old car has identical mileage, then yes highway is better.But Sue's is simply not going to run up the miles.1000 trips is a thousand trips.But howard does just as many short trips because all his commuting time is simply added on top of his normal running around.Sue lives in a small town a long distance from a metropolitan area.So, ironically, Sue with the short commute, will not only have less kms but, if she does manage to rack up the kms, it will be from taking lovely weekend trips to the big city.Same goes if Sue lives right downtown.She leaves town on long weekends, and does hardly any miles.So the real lesson is:Don't buy a used car from a suburban commuter.Period.They live a 50 mile commute because they can't afford to live closer (or choose not to live in an apartment). But less is less.Every Craigslist car flipper in North America says "highway miles" on their car.Yeah, in addition to all the regular hard miles and short trips in thr suburbs, they also have to haul their caffeine soaked asses to work and back every day.People who can actually get a good living wage in a small town away from a metropolis are the ones you want to buy a car from.So there is lots of agreement here.But it is a foolish sound bite to say "highway mile are better".Yes they are, but not when it's an excuse for why there are too many miles for the year. So high mile simply is worse.And don't forget, highway howard lets his oil changes lapse too, because he thinks highway miles don't count either (and because the miles just pile up too fast and he refuses to pull in mr lube 8 times a year.The better issue way to look at mileage is to look at the character of the seller.If you would never lend your car to them, why would pay them for one they no longer want?WHO drove the miles is by far more important than how many or what type.Considerate and thoughtful and honest and polite people don't cause accidents and don't slam on their brakes and don't jack rabit start or pass on the right or ride you ass or text and drive.Their cars wear better because they don't wave them around like extensions on their egos.Buy from the person.Check for damage.Get records.And don't fall for "highway miles".

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Mp combat 100%iso whey is also a good protein..

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Good addvoice

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Whoo! Great instruction. Amazing technique and workmanship...Whoo! (subbed)

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Jiske pass 2 number ki full earning hai vo hi buy krega top model

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I found that it is better to work for yourself instead of overtime IE- I remodeled MY home myself instead of working overtime and then paying someone else to remodel- the savings were great and I didn'tfeed the tax system!

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Yea the Drive thru would be easier in all oher contrys were people are not stupid and drive on the wrong side of the road


Thank you GREAT clear concise information, I m sharing this on my FACEBOOK page...Bernie 2020!!!

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5 years later the C8 mid-engine dual clutch stingray.Who would have known?

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Why Does Mitchell Always Have His Fingers In His Mouth

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I can listen to Bob Mortimer all daylong, regardless of whether he is telling the truth or making it up.

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I'm glad I'm in the right track...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

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How much did you pay for the wrap?

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Paid off 100g in Student loan debt in 18 months - tripled my salary in same time frame - just cash flowed my wedding, emergency fun fully loaded, buying my first investment property tomorrow - Dave Ramsay - you have influenced me in so many ways - you have been a great mentor to me - many many thanks and here’s to you influencing more for the good in 2020!


Wasn't that Linus who said few years ago in vid that black PCB costs a lot more?

Geo Thomas

My preference would have been wood stain instead of white interior. But since you said " If it looks good it is good" beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Truer words. Enjoyed the video.

David Weum

Thanks man. Inspirational try once had a '76 F150 with a bad 3rd. Cylinder. I had an epiphany and took off 3 cylinder spark plug wire. Grounded it on dipstick. No more banging in the engine. Then I was told to take the "4th. cylinder wire off...lets say firing order was 12345678 (I doubt that wasthe firing order likely wasn't that sequence, but who cares). So, my V8 became a V6 and I had it for years after that. No loss of speed, but I didn't speed with that truck. No engine problems. I'm no mechanic, but IJERRYRIGGED it out of necesity and it worked. Food for thought. FYI.DAVIDALBERT

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Futro e kab launch hogi

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What is better?Forza:like Crew:comment