Can You Fire an Arrow through 12 Axes? (Odysseus Archery Challenge)

Take it or leave it, of course.If you work harder or smarter than the average person, you will become successful deserve to enjoy the results you worked so hard for.Fitting frame rails is always a pain in the ass but some more than others I think you did it perfect as well and you don't want to weld the rails in because it will make the too strong and the next time it gets wrecked the damage will be unrepairable.Mind he’s not wrong.Hyundai car,s build quality is also very strong too.If I do its a quick "Yes, ok, bye" and more often than not its my mum not realizing I'm driving XD.For that money I can buy.

Great video as always.

Great video as always.

Great videos BTW.PLEASE we have all suffered enough!Great content bro.It was concise, easy to understand and very helpful!I wouldnt have gotten approved for my mortgage if not for totalspyhacksgmail.But u talk in senteces boring type so speak one sentecses compleye dont do jumps in speak.

Explained all aspects clearly and precisely.You've done good guy, i envy your nonsensical life now.Thank you for all the great tips.Buy buy buy m'kay.0 6070bhp will most likely drive it like it's fast.E34 520i and W210 E55 AMG.Any help would be greatly appreciated.So lame that you have to explain why you have this car, like you didn't do a good enough job explaining in the first video.Just the door handle replacement will set you back 600-800 dollars plus labor.

They don't have the courage.I want to be as cool and collected in life as that guy in the dark fur coat!Go get a F dawg or Lambo or A Martin.Am so impressed by what GoldenSurvey.Not once did I hear him talk about anyone else except for his own situation, kinda selfish in my opinion.TBH map size does matter in a racing game otherwise it would look very familiar when cruising frequently at 300 speed.

What the bank does is to have

What the bank does is to have

I don't even have a road bike :(.As always these lectures are great however I have one important criticism.Couples that earning over $100k are also having a hard time living in expensive real estate area.Just waiting on FS2020 now.These people should be thankful Amazon is offering work to them. Then i should do the 99 cents trick to keep it active right?Youboth are leftist and thinking about your state of being not nationalism.It's now the XT5, and has been for the last 2 and half years.

William Gonzalez

250fps but the monitor is only showing 75fps, cause its 75hz

arun Malviya

Mera home lone 16L ka tha, 4 saal ho giya hai Kiya main 34 L ka repaymy karooga to fayda hoga ke nahi

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Please about vital stranth..

Merick Chambers

New to Tesla world i see you guys charging but i dont see any payments even at the hotel? How does that work?

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Great sir.. good information. Thank you so much

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If you want us to hear a conversation then don't drown it out with music.The music serves no purpose.too many people need to be 'placated" with extra noise these days.

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MagSafe. That’s why.

Graph Guy

who are the 302k idiots subscribing to this channel? he knows nothing about cars.

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Nice video

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Bhai price kya hai

Viet Cavani

This baby is coming home Soon!!!!!!

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