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As soon as the battery goes down one bar I am going to sell the vehicle.If it’s a woman, totally different story!I'd rather just make extra payments.Normally I would be cheering Lou on, but this time I think he was attacking the wrong guy.Why is he broke?Can't wait to save for our home!Agyaat mai Hui h fir Kya kre hum.Otherwise, wishing you Success in life.

Easy clean out port,

Easy clean out port,

Wouldn’t it be more valuable to get a mortgage to build equity into a home and get tax deductions (depending on if it’s worth itemizing or not)?Stay away from European cars and Chrysler money pit.High tech talk, low tech YouTube experience.Blak Woman say it all.Maruti ka logo kyu nhi rehtai Khali suzukika logo rehtai aisa kyu.Wow very helpful.Sir RPLI and PLI ke uper video banaea please.I'm I getting cheated can't I drive as it's closing 10 years?

He walked through blood and bones, an hero.Break Out Another Thousand.He explains this all very clearly.Getting it forged and bigger turbo put on this year but the New T6 family van is coming first.The car wasn't cheap at 20k miles but I payed for reliability, older ones are probably fairly cheap.Wish I did this years ago.Highest point total wins bragging rights for a year for the toughest car and the $$$ from the scrapyard for the cars.Whole different thing.Safety mein zero Hain maruti Suzuki.Sir mera 10 lakh ka home loan hai 8151 rupye patata hu mujhe kitna present byaj lag raha hai aur kitna saal tak patana padega.

5 lacs, PF cover most of part of

5 lacs, PF cover most of part of

Let's be real here, driving in GTA IV is ALWAYS slippery lol.Thanks for sharing.They do that to make quota then new month starts so they goos.Should be banned from driving for life.And all buyers are liars.You really need to get the care repainted if you plan to keep it.

Megan Shelton

poor Hannah copped it so bad, glad to know that my dad isn't the only crazy guy when it comes to boys.

Christina Thwaite

Brilliant episode. I'm a very nervous driver and what you said resonated with me, this is the reason I'm searching electric. I started with manual when I passed July 18, then moved to automatic last May, but I still panic. Regen breaking sounds amazing. Unfortunately I can't afford one right now, but enjoying the research!!

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Ghusa aur hatrate sirf ghusa ko provoke karte ho but dil mein jab lagteho pathar ka dil bi bikhal jate ho.

Amir A

Traditional psychology is nothing more than providing social support for a buck.

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Nd qulity aan qstn chodikkaan ivarkkullad

Austin Trench

Good god lemon.

finance funda

thanks a lot for your vedio

Stephen Jones

Great info thanks, Vw made an escape version of the Tour with low range, diff locks and underbody protection.

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This video made me subscribe

Prince Mehta

Age55 ko mil sakti hai

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5:58 Does it look like a toy car or am I just stupid???

Michael J

I wish it was in the US


Dave "divorce your spouse"Ramsay!!! Good Advice

Chris F

This talk is good on so many levels

manoj kumar

Sir mujhe verna kharidna h, to konsi kharidu, automatic ya manual

suresh kumar

Hi sir. I have taken 20 lakhs as loan amount. I am planning to start the emi payament from nxt month. Now only I heard about the valuable information given by u. If I start the SIP , which one should I have to choose. My interest rate is 9.05.. My loan period is 20 years..My emi is 18312/- Pls help me with ur valuable information. Hope to hear from u.

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I gotta git gud at forza 2 first

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Hey sorry to text call tomorrow