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What if your drive a lot like 20-25k miles a year?You must do this for a living.Any one that knows, please answer, if Mr.Abb gharr Mai aake4-5 Hazaar Mai ho jaati hai.

Hillary's a Hag, A Dirty ol' Skag,

Hillary's a Hag, A Dirty ol' Skag,

Figuratively, not literally.I will never subscribe this Chanel and I disliked this video this is completely useless video.0:00- Im 14 and I have a $21,000 in debt to my dad andbrother.Pretty clear that the dealer botched that 100k service and has washed their hands of it.Simply awesome speech.

Perfect credit isn't easy to achieve, but the information you gave is great.To mujhe car loan mil skta hai?To claim aane pr company mna kr sakti hai kya?However, approximately 8-9 months prior to the 3rd epidural procedure, he specifically told me there was no sign of DDD.Has a letter from Cylde Barough thanking them for making such a great engine.Chahe new ki new gady ho vahh g vah shame.Still saving $$ and then when you take that trip the airline tickets are paid for by the miles you have accumulated?Sir mere paas Chevrolet beat hai 2012model hai.Rob, you got anymore of those Adventure Drive jackets?

So watcha saying is,the Chinese was 20years ahead?Ho to 3 year ki aur.I still remember that you were the coolest if you had a Craig SupertunerAMFM 8 track in your car.Very excellent video, thanks for the information.I changed all 4 tires on 15k miles.And the doors opening in just take up more valuable space, I wouldn't call that a bathroom, and $70K is a lot of money to get that.Canadians are hilarious.Mostly the electronic fuel injection is what makes it handle the altitude changesThe turbo provides the gobs of extra power.

This dude is

This dude is

Alex: "and also this bucket thats filled with RED camera".Aap aiesa kren ke shoes Bata etc.Endless money pits bmws are junk shitty plastics and electronics.Are you going to call to try to get this decision overturned?Now this us the kind of video should cost money.SIR MAI PESHAWER.Hi thanks for useful easy to follow info.Formula is a bust for me.I own a heavy recovery company and 5 of my lighter trucks have one in each.They're targeting the most vulnerable people with financial difficulties.

PbFinancial Education.Sir remaining fees kon deta 2000 rs.I have a question - why on Earth do Mercedes have a heated wiper fluid bowl, or heated wiper nozzels?The young high pitch voice change is spot on matey.Sir bot bot achi trh smjaya apne.Why did u adjust the coils by changing the spring rate if u were trying to just adjust height?If Ray Romano and Jon Lovitz had a son, you would be it.

Suggestions from the comment section?

Suggestions from the comment section?

Me Chinese, me play joke, me put pee pee in your coke.Pit boss is better and cheaper than all of these.I understand interest rates are lower than they have ever been.Kisi or k smjh aaya ya mujhe hee lg rha h.I remember my uncle giving me a DS flash card or whatever, it had tons of games.I did just grabbed a 2019 grand sport.

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check the coolant?

Asian Tiger

Sir inka number mil skta hai

Gerry d'Aquino

I suppose you realize that this (although a threat) is a distraction from what else is going on, like the push to overthrow the Syrian government via the US proxy Turkey and the Turkish backed jihaddi factioins that the US is also protecting in the Idlib area under attack by the "elected" Syrian government. This corona-virus story is looking more and more like a manufactured crisis. The threat is real (less deadly than the flu, if you check your statistics), but thanks to the media, it has come to the forefront of most coverage....ask yourself WHY?

Roman Romanowski

If you don't have money for extra payments , all strategies are useless .

Tristan Sharky

i love these vids,especially yours and wreckstation’s


Voice of controversy... so some time ago, I completed a taxi training course offered by Antrec. We came onto the subject of using mobile devices, with most of us agreeing that it wouldn't be allowed to use any sort of device whilst moving. But that got us onto the taximeters and settles used to offer jobs out to drivers. The law could be argued that simply pressing to accept a job as a taxi driver, could see you landed with points on your license. However, even the instructor on the course said that they wouldn't pull over and switch the engine off every time they wanted to accept or cancel a job, because that'd be ludicrous. So what's the stance on that one? The law really doesn't make proper considerations though - it'd be unacceptable for me to connect a wire into a device taking no more than 3 seconds, but constantly trying to find Smooth FM taking over 5 seconds whilst in-motion would be okay? I don't get it. Obviously one of those situations where technology causes problems or policies not updating to adapt to the modern changes.