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So when you check out your repairs always do a lots of full acceldecels and key-offkey-on driving.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.Anyone that says they need the "tax deduction" mortgage write off can't do simple math.If you vote out of fear, you deserve what you get.Is company aim to release in automatic transmossion?TVS - We need Supermoto too.

Im most interested in the audi

Im most interested in the audi

On top of that, they would not include dealer fees that were shown on their comparable ads which ranged from $600 to $1000.Hey I’m 18 looking for a credit union I need 11k loan for this car I want I’m in the Houston area and I don’t know where to go btw I only had a credit card for like 5 months.Anyways Lol love the vids i have been watching g you for the longest of time and i just wanna than you for inspiring me i have always wanted to build a pc with you and in my eyes you are right up there with picasso and einstein i have made a $70 setup with a chrome book and two old free dell monitors and some other things on amazon for cheap and i have gotten a lot of help from you to make my setup thanks to you i have gotten a lot of compliments and i have to thank you for all of them it has always been my dream to build a pc with you, but even just being able meet you and talk to you in real life would be awesome happy holidays merry christmas and good luck charlie, on the new year 333 and 2 cause why not.Why do you need to turn the car off to be "parked" redundant rule that's only in place top allow the police to collect more fines.That my fancy sauce0:49.Still looks sick.

Very well explained Sr.

Very well explained Sr.

She knows what she’s talking about.She needs to cut her narcissistic mother OUT of her life completely.- The longer you own a car, the more you pay to keep it in good shape wear and tear is universal, so a 5-8 year old car, won't be as efficient and cost effective, compared to a new car and not everyone can afford to buy a new car and trade in the old one, every 5-6 years.I actually purchase $90 worth of bathroom items from Kohl's used discount, coupons and promos and paid $22.I replaced all my calipers pads and rotors because my brakes were dragging causing bad fuel economy but when I did it got worse.Cheers for the Video clip!And that's honestly the biggest factor in whether I'm going to enjoy someone's channel.Nice to see u back mate, ur last 2 videos u have noticed Subaru's.What does or did your dad do before he retired?Ipo 2 year ayiee.


Thank you Sir


Now it's 3 million subscribers and I am watching this video again wishing doug could release another millage video.


love my company! don't have to deal with the BS from the captive agents problem.

Rahul Kumar

I have no check but loan is provided... Yes ya no... Canara bank me a/c hai..

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I will never forget the "2 Sec" because of the way the guy wrote it. Permanently imprinted on my retina.

Breezy Gao

Hi,Mark. Thank you. This episode is great. It helped me to know more real life in Canada. I'd like to ask you a question:What's the material of the house? here in China the material of the house are concrete , steel or bricks .but the house in your video is different. it looks like some strip thing.

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Signature part had me dying.. he just touch the screen cop go and make him sign it 3 times lmfao!!

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I’m 17 right now.. how should I start?


Wow state farm?