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On the other hand, there is very little you can do when you have a virus that can terminate life.I am glad to see more and more of these videos.All these options for calculators and yet I still sometimes find myself using a slide rule which of course is in no way practical but cool nonetheless.Best Intro of all time.Genuine question btw, i am not saying it is wrong.A nonsense double agent.You can’t buy your suits from the Goodwill and expect to be president.

To see that the average person sees around 10 times more is unbelievable.Are the CDC deliberately trying to get as many people infected as possible?Best suggestions.Good information.This is comedic gold!What percentage difference will there be?These sales men should be locked up cheers.Hope to see some awesome content to come.Solid driving on the 81 year old gentleman's part at 14:41, I've seen 20 year old people with slower reaction speed.Its so easy to doubletab the right half of the screen so I tend to do that.

Mera credit score 826 h phir bhi loan mila na.My car doesn’t need a key to start stop so the first one the feds wouldn’t have any chance to use that against me.Papa doug, will you sign my oil filter on my 98 civic at the next cars and coffee.Are you chinese?2% if you don't include taxes) (7% if you don't include taxes and assume 3% inflation).Can't you transform those fucking Neutrons into electrons and produce electricity directly?4tdi 19 years old first car live in an ok area.Used to be with them.Com its cheaper.

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This is exactly what I been looking for!!! I love your tips!!!

Aditya Rog

Hame to mahabharat pasand hai bahut

DK Royalty

I've already done all of this on my car yet here I am at 6am, 14 Chris Fix videos later... for the 3rd time

Preeti Singh

Sir 12000 saliry h privte h ghr lena h kitna loan mil skta h or milaga to kitne time m lotana h

Janeese Wilson

which would you prefer Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian?

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Get a secured credit card for $500 and link it to self lender for autopay and just knock out two birds with one stone when you pay your credit card

Pollito (:

Okay so say you have a secured card like Discover and the limit is $500. You would spend about 480 estimate, pay just 478 before the closing date and then pay off the rest lets say 2 days before the due date to increase the credit score correct? Or is it different with a secured card?Also, does that mean the "0%-9% Excellent/10%-29% Good/30%-49% Fair" etc label is false?

The mestre joga

hey guys ... i'm brazilian and i'm here to say that without a doubt the forza is better than need, but not taking badness i'm a fan of need but it doesn't compare with forza, need looks like Instagram filters this damn xd! I intend to learn to speak English too but gradually I'm adapting, and getting better. "I want to see everyone commenting down here in Portuguese"

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I like Asphalt 8 9 Games It's Awesome.


Back when Boyle wasn't a fucking pussy woke politically correct shitweasel.

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Ashish Aby


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If you spend 60k $ on a Tesla, whatever model, it would be the equivalent of paying 500 dollars a month on gas for 10 years. if you buy a used Toyota with 100k miles, it could cost you maximum 5000 $, Japanese cars last forever, specially Toyotas, then spend 20 dollars a week in gas and in 10 years you will spend 9600 dollars in gas, add to that the oil changes every 5k miles and repairs, maximum you will spend 15k plus the cost of the car in 10 years. I will never be interested in an electric car not evenfor as low as 15000$.

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So are you making the payment from the LOCIm just trying to figure out if your already making payments...or are u making a double payment ...for example i get paid biweekly so am i paying the full amount

Abdul Kalam

Evida place

doosh canoe

Why tf are black people voting for Biden? The guy who promoted the Crime Bill vs the guy who marched with MLK

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It always hurts when system builders say navidia instead of nvidia.

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2nd hand car nabili namin at hindi kami nagsisi



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Aur iss ka dashboard kon si gari ka laga howa hy?

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I had also faced same problem 8n service issue

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Scotty,you are the best. I have an honest mechanic, but I still feel better doing my homework before jumping at a repair.Thanks for the fun videos you put out.


This man was brilliant. It is nothing more than a travesty, shame, and absoloute ignorance from the British and worldwide establishment to turn their backs on this man, when he developed the gyro. He gave so much to the world of science, physics, mathematics, engineering, etc. and the disrespect he received was (and still is) nothing short of a travesty.


Starkey is the man!!

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I need the address to send in my payment.

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