Belarus president personally test drives new Geely cars

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This car was

This car was

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I usually disconnect the tail shaft or

I usually disconnect the tail shaft or

That would be faster and cheaper in the long run.Good video, interesting seeing the difference between the two.Fairly sure putting aluminium in a chicken at those temps cant be the best for the old health."There will be NO tall Poppies when I'm elected President!I done got a taco bell ad.Don't ask closed ended questions.I got peeved off and had to tell them how stupid the logic for increasing premium sounds and threatened to cancel my entire policy.Yes, Bernie needs to run like he’s ready to burn it all to the ground!Mene polici bajar pe new india ka insoriyance krvaya 24 dare to abhi koi mail ya whatsup pe sms nahi aaya koi detaile sow nahi kar raha he plzz help me.Subscribe to his channel and mine.

Awesome videos nonetheless man, two thuNO!The whole car looks like a refugey from the scrap yard.There is still some commercial traffic and large structures moved on the canal.Sir, what about inflation?I don't care about this stuff but it was interesting enough to watch.Because of having an infant on lap ticket, you can’t check in online.3:53 Frickin' ironic that The Crew, which includes aquatic vehicles, doesn't let you just mess with cars in water.And those rates are good compared to here in NYC.

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Nice video

ralph wiggum

I haven't looked at a new car in well over a decade, but everything you said in this video sounded so familiar. Almost everything you said has happened to me. They have this down to a science!

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Sorry Craig, I had to report this video.There was no mention of the Nissan Murano Cabriolet.

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Very very helpful and complete. Thank you

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Great tutorial

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Loved being at this show. Was a great night

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ye log saly bachne k lia nahe ae chasky lene k lia ae he.

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Koi bhi le lo par Maruti Suzuki mat lena

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I should have bought Tesla stock back then... Oh well I just bought some now anyway ()

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Ise kahte he news

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They were clearly promised cabinet positions to endorse...its a damn shame. Im especially surprised at buttigieg. I think warren shouldve been dropped out and endorsed bernie. Warren is just as bitter as hilary clinton who is STILL talking shit about both bernie and tulsi gabbard...

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Doesn't get any better than this !


Out of Spec motoring says the older FSD system was better. See his trip video from home to FL for that. Nvidia also upgraded their system and it basically is just as or more powerful than Tesla's.


I think owning a duplex and renting out the other unit can be very wise financially. I know where I live single family homes experience better price appreciation than a multi unit such as a duplex, but from a cash flow perspective a duplex is rewarding.

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ITR ,, harek loan k liye imp h .bo btao eske bina Loan pass nhi hoga ,,

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I did all this, but when I have negative number in the previous year and positive in this (or vice versa) it doesn't work. ABS function helps but it doesn't give me correct changes from previous to this year

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not bad

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very very informative thanks sir!!!

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Mera bhoter card nahi he Lekin is pile dress wala gunda dikhraha he to BJP ka kya dos