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It has really been helpful in my field of study that why am dedicating my first youtube video to you.Comprehensive, zero debt insurance mein kya samne wala ka bhi damage cost cover hota hai(jiski gaadi ya deewar humne damage kar di)?They might have thought it was Trump's tax cut, although I didn't get one, but we were told we did.

If you wanna win the game

If you wanna win the game

Show up to his place, scratches on the front, brakes rusty as hell, power mirrors not working, and he wanted 5000 for 180k km toyota corolla.BREAKING NEWS FROM TRUMP TEEVEE!Sir apka number mil sagta hai.Do not buy anything over 150k miles, as the repair cost will defeat the entire purpose.Would you ever consider doing an outtake video?

This was so entertaining to watch and I don't know why.Shoshal media band hone chai.Mycarhelpline Does the same law applicable for 2 wheelers in India.Helped understand the concept better.I enjoyed visualizing your troubleshooting process as you diagnosed the PC in real time.Wise not in there ideals.This game the best.Well that's enough for me to not get one.This is great information for you to get $2453 Thank you for the wonderful addition from this link: bestservicesppl.

I'll give my cards a call and see how good your method works.Dgsfssgsdsdavsdsbfdafwwbd.Due to me having 0 credit I put a $4000 down payment to take the car off the lot, I made my first car payment 1 week after the crash I didnt have rental coverage so I ended up losing my job an im negative currently.The last time i gave apple money was when the iphone 5s came out.And I don't want pay out for credit monitoring service.Numbers send kara saheb.I do like the Mercs.DHFL recovery agents are frequently threatening me for loan repayment.

Fantastic Talk :) I'll give it a try to do something I've always wanted to do : learning italian ) Grazie milleA presto Ciao ).Is this a rerun?We have exactly the some problem in Poland.Avoid lapses in coverage.BMW do just that.

Njan oru average student

Njan oru average student

In total I repaired my car for $100 at pull-a part.Incredibly informative!Your premiums are pooled into hundreds of thousands of other insurers and distributed evenly to claims.It automatically reduce interest amount.Being scammed can be devastating and can affect your business and your relationship with your family and friends but do not lose hope yet because help is out there.

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How can this be sustainable, that's the major question, and how many reactors will need to be built, how on earth anyone could produce a non stop reaction of hundreds of thousands of small cubes done 24-7 to keep the power running? This will not be possible within our life times that's for sure.


Dave Ramsey has the BEST approach to debt payoff.

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Where do you get your life insurance?


killed an 8.5 deal. thanks, man!really helpful.


Dylan shut ya neck!


Great coverage Ashish sir

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The system is dirty and l would love to meet and slap the shit out of the people who made these dumbass rules and the ones who keep them going.

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Gotta research the make model vehicle u interested in, gotta do homework behind the scenes and u have to look and take notes of anything u notice about the physical vehicle , how it rides,things u notice and u have to out talk the sales person , they see a customer,they see sales,dont let a 25000 budget go to 35000 because a salesman trying to convince you they giving u upgrades bc they gonna get u a discount,pay attention to smells,how the vehicle shifts,smoke , leaks ,, common sense things to look for , end of the day , u are the consumer who brings revenue , without you the salesman doesn't exist , aka u word hard for your money , spit game back to them , if they trying to sell u a vehicle for a price u dont agree with , simply say ford or Nissan or dodge or some other dealer has the same vehicle with 10000 miles less, greater warranty and lower price , no salesperson wants to lose a profit,make them offer u the benefit of shopping with them,u work too hard for your money to get ripped off , do all necessary research and have more knowledge as your weapon when u go so they know they will not get over on you

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I just find your channel. Thank you for such simple explanations. See you on Canada!


China will have to pick up the TAB for all countries due to gross negligence. Possibly up to ten trillion dollars only recoverable by Corona tariffs.

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hey if you and your wife file seperate could both have ROTH irs and put in 4000 a year....and invest the rest in money market...and 401k but each having your own ROTH , 401k and MONEY at retirement you both have double the money..


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ye sali 6000 monthly salary wali mujhe boli thi ki laon laite kyun huu jab aukat naaaa hooo

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all i had to do was the first step and it work

If you have salary above 60k in hand then , The best way is playing safe on both sides. Buy affordable property that lets you keep EMI below 30k and invest monthly 10k in mutual fund. Then at the end of 15-20 years you'll be having good savings and also a sweet home that is all yours . Let me know your views on this

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thank you for this video I was very worried about mines about this video helped me out alot.

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When 'Put a sock in it' was a literal option.


Very informative. Thank you. I like your teaching style patient and un-hurried.

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