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PbRajibul Hoque.Keep up the great work.You forget Trump is a bumbling idiot and people voted for him lol.But if everyone actually followed Dave’s advise on buying a house, the prices wouldn’t be inflated that quick and that high.Ooohh sorry I forgot, they lose their life!The car only costs 1000.Honestly had me in tears, very well put.

Welcome to sunny

Welcome to sunny

Would've preferred the 306 tbh.I understand the Democratic Republic to be a system of insentives, or a system of horse drawn carriages ruling in the age of space travel.Sir if someone intentionally slashed my tyre and it got burst while driving will I get the tyre claim?Very nyc but oru dout.Besides it's just text, seeing it is where it's at.This video is invaluable thank you so much, passed my test the other day!Second: state laws are true on dealer doc fees don't like it tough shit I'm not putting my place of doing business at risk of a lawsuit because you have an ego I will happily let you walk.I have an Accounting Exam tomorrow.Hard to know what to think.Another rent-seeking scam.

I have seen other videos where people are so dumb and they are teaching others without knowing.Be careful so they dont skysky you xD.Published Date: 2010-06-16 : ( ).Finally is black box insurance cheaper than normal insurance?This is called the 'Zipper Merge' - I believe used in the States - which I am in favour of.Hmmm, how does one escape a rolled-over Lambo with scissor doors?Dealer asking for a security deposit of 4500$ since my credit isn't good.I need the Overkill setup because I'm gonna build a crap ton of large redstone contraptions in Minecraft with Raytracing.

The car industry is such a smaller percentage of our economy then just ten years ago.Read Progress and Poverty’ by Henry George, it’s available free online.I'm a fan og mercedes benz amg and a fan of cars with JB.I love all Bad Ice Cream 3 goldy games :).It is getting very boring now.I always said CASH.

Congrats, I feel extremely stupid now.

Congrats, I feel extremely stupid now.

Come on Elon, we need something to break the dualopoly that AMD and NVIDIA have, and intel sure as hell isn't stepping up.I actually the other day came up with a ETH target of 9-10k myself by end of 2021.I know a lot of Muslims they don't have girlfriends in America I think that's required to have children I think you're stats are off.SOFT NICE 2222222.Back for those technology connection classics.Hopefully this isstill coming.

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can you help out of state people?I lost my corrections job because someone hit me while I was riding my motorcycle.


Is there anyway we can send letter to angry dad the guy legend got me through a hard time keep up the good work You guys are awesome


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