The conduits needs to be perfect!Loolllll fuckoff I just got quoted 6500!So glad I found the Macron show fucking hilarious.Merged with Columbia Graphophone Company, the successful British orphan child of the failed US company of that name, to form Electric Musical Industries Ltd.

Hey its Haywire from prison break!Malaking tulong to sa mga viewers.As I read few comments, it will differ for each, a person who has passion for driving and someone don't care about it.Now I just send them to your Youtube Channel and tell them to come see me if they still can't do what they want!Keep up the good work.Trump's administration pathetic preparation is leaving AMERICANS TO PANDEMIC.

Ye mandatory kyun hai.Download nehi ho rarhe ha.Omg i think my uncle has his carr.Phone pe sms Aya ta leken tracking ma not found (Dear Applicant Your Loan Application has been submitted.Doesnt sound likeyour knowledge is that big on cars or modifying cars ect.

They revised the headlights in mid 2018, but the appearance is the same.What's with all the pussies in the audience?Our state also enforces the new DOSS regulations so if you even want to just repaint your vehicle EV or ICE it then has to be re-certified by an authorized DOSS certified repair facility and that's a couple hundred out of pocket expense.Two youtuber yet no one was recording.I'm surprised the first gen MazdaSpeed3 didn't make it on here especially compared with the MINI.The Bayonets are made to stick on the end of the 120, so you can swing the turret and slash them Iraqi Weaboos.Thanku sandy ji, soon u will get one million subscribers wishing the same.

My maintenance fee went up and up.

My maintenance fee went up and up.

Pay interest on your own savings?Thomas Sowell was a major influence on me, he woke me up from my dogmatic liberal slumber.Sir if we invest 10000 rupeeslump some in mutual fund what is worth of it in 30 years.Can i take this policy without the involvement of an agent?Amazingly educational!What if the payments are different?If you're interested in learning more, or are already ready to join, use my referral link below and we'll both get an extra $5K in fee-free managed funds to go along with the $10K they already give you.

Stopped watching video right after that ad and ad in the video, not a great experience - covering video.You want people to take advice who can't actually talk about what he is discussing, just reading a teleprompter and reading badly.What a poor business structure if they keep needing loans steady and the business can’t even take its own loans.They want you to finance.Bro Mene motorcycle ki oneline insurance Kiya h mail par Jo copy h usme stamp to h nhi to kya RTO bale usko manege nhi.Much appreciated.Black if it gloss.If they can’t DO THAT?Tq ats info bermnfaat bang sam.Door falls offTop 10 Clarkson moments.

Follow me on Instagram - FinancialEducationJeremy.Sounds like the The Apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to handling money to me.And whats that stock price again today?Sir kya hum ex showroom price and insurance me v nagotiate kar skte hai?We all think small until we get the opportunity to work with something greater.Filmo mai Subhanalla na kaha kru.

Sillon Bono

Not only they use a laughing track, they also use a clapping track... what the?

Mason Matthews

Fantastic Video! way more info than I needed:)

cimmha jdjeod


Ouroboros Null

"Does Tesla's SC cover all of North America?Well, I can't get to my grand parents."

Abhilash Chandran

Tata .....

Ms Smith

1:57 What the hell? Those cops are at fault, they had no visible reason to be stopping and blocking traffic that abruptly. With that dashcam footage, I would sue them.


Cause it’s all corrupt and the system makes lots of cash with private prisons And we arrest more people than any country on earth

Epic Elite

Delete the Cummins


Can't tow it even if if it on neutral gear?


what if you put the auto transmission in nuetral?


If you say "lads" one more time I will unsubscribe

Mr. James

Sounds strange to say concerning the virus not to join in large assembly,yet I this video show huge events for Biden and Sanders. I wonder if these gatherings will have a effect on the speard of the virus.


I didn't get the Una and Sally comment, can anyone explain?

Jesse Randall

3 secret entrance was on the c6 as well.


Padu bang syamsul. Tq

Paul Floyd

I considered buying the Nissan or the Cayman S, but something else popped up on the radar.It wasn't the SL55, it was the SLK55.When these cars were released, Mercedes lied about the performance figures of the SLK because it was about half the price of the SL (100,000 versus 50,000).The SLK will do 0-60mph in under 4.5 seconds.It's also very comfortable and has F1 heritage (it was the safety car in 2004 and 2005).It has the vario roof and around 500NM of torque.It doesn't matter what speed you are doing, when you press the 'fast' pedal in a car as small as this, you take off like a scalded cat.I paid less than 14,000 for a 2005 model with less than 75,000 miles on the clock.I really don't expect the value to drop any lower.I've owned lots of very good cars, but this one is the dog's bollocks.

Talyah R

Amazing advice, but I'm still not sure how much I should trust someone who wears flip flops to a TEDTalk

goutam handique

Very nice bro


I am from Aruba, I am going to buy my first home and I also want to pay down my mortgage at fast as possible. I see the benefit of paying ASAP. I hope you had a wonrderfull time on Aruba.


literally just "do the complications pls%"

Joanne Kwok



I’m loosing atleast 20% in stocks and it keeps going down everyday, should I sell or hold on. Pleas help i feel a little lossed

Govind Singh

Jiske salary 15000 howo itr kese fill krega

Sell order ko hum CNC nahi kar sakte ?Without buy.

Krushna Inje

Cleam milne ke liye kitna waqt lagta he

shubham kumar

U r honest person thnx. 4 the information