Auto garaža za djecu - PICAJOLO Carlo je DUH iz Aladdina - Tomova Lakirnica u Auto Gradu

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What happens if you

What happens if you

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You don't have to

You don't have to

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What a wonderfully put together film, and equally put together car. What a journey you two have been on, and congrats for sticking with it. As much as I love MX-5s (I currently have two), I don't think I could ever spend 25,000 on one, but that's not an insult as what you've done is clearly a labour of love. I recently spent over 2,000 on of mine to bring it back to life and even that felt like a small fortune! I hope Phil still makes appearances on the channel and I'd love to see him in real life.

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I wish you were nearby so that I can get one done. (: Oh my goodness....I want one!!


16k without blackbox for my 320d LCI... I'm 19

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Anybody else hear a loud pop in their left ear??

Shane Price

At 19 mins, Gary Fretz says that Malta is not a member of the EU, so cruisers can go there to get around the residency issue and then go back 'into' the European Union.Malta has been an EU member since 2004, and joined the Eurozone (our currency union) in 2008. There are however some benefits in registering your hull in Malta, which has enjoyed a long and rich maritime culture, going back to the dawn of civilisation.Please note that this is not a 'plug' for Malta, which I've only visited once, since I am Irish and live in the Emerald Isle.From what I've heard, most cruisers shift into and out of Turkey (if in the eastern Mediterranean) or Morocco if in the west. Northern Europe does not have quite the same attraction, but you can use Norway or (from March 2019) the United Kingdom for the same purpose.Mind you, I wouldn't plan on visiting the UK in the immediate aftermath of their 'Brexit' as there is bound to be enormous confusion, both there and in the remaining members of the EU, with regard to a huge number of issues. Boating regulation is not likely to be amongst the first or most urgent matters which will be clarified, so don't risk ruining your day/week/month/year or even decade by relying on outdated regulation.Or inaccurate advice...

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Main point pettannu theerthu kalanju.. allaathathinmel kure samayam chilavazhichu waste aaki paranju

Gaurav Bhardwaj

jb awaz ni aa ri expert ki toh you should not have published this video. Kuch toh quality chk rkho.kindly remove this video

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mp media

Good video

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How to do pop and bang bro

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What if the smallest debts are 0% interests? What’s your advice on that? I have $1800 on 2 credit cards with 0% interest. One is $900 and the promotion is ending in September and I have until next year to pay off the other one of $900. Should I skip these on Step 2? I’m thinking on saving the rest of what I make for the next step while these promotions end. It’s only taking $228/month to satisfy the promotion being paid off in time.

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i see these kind of dealerships on tv late at night and i just laugh and shake my head

arun sharma

Sab bakar

Tim Smith

Mark sounds right on to me

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Alloy rims ky barhy me b koi vedio banini chahiyi.zawar bhai

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Non owners policy is generally more than owning a basic car....

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Wait, you can make up to 15 minor faults??? I thought I had read that it was like 3-6 max, depending on the particular mistakes.