Audi R8 vs Porsche 911 - One Battle - 25 Runden - Carrera Bahn Digital Slot 1:32

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Leases are scams.

Leases are scams.

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Trying to sell product which

Trying to sell product which

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These are discussions that

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Once the empty lane has filled up, should drivers in the closing lane be looking for a gap ahead of the lane closure point?Surely it is better to merge along a length of road rather than just at the closure point?If the traffic starts to flow freely, then you can’t leave it until the last moment or else there is a danger of having to stop and wait for the moving lane to let you in, which will stop the traffic in the closing lane.This only works if both lanes are moving at the same speed.

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Awesome bro koi itni mehnat koi nahi karta video banane main jitni aapne ki wow tooo gud even i dont have words to tell u i just say wow

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Ladders have rungs but ok

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Osm video sir

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Avathaarakan enthonu valupan dey.. Alpan..


Don't trust this shit, gameloft is banning al legit players and not the hackers. I don't care what you say, watch rev ghosts video. I'm quitting this shit forever

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Yes Yes Yes. I appreciate you and your car buying videos. Keep making them! I am going to buy a new Truck after the first of the year and will be paying cash.

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great video! new subscriber!

michael lee

That engine sounds terrible for 51,000 miles.


I love this video

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Brilliant episode. I'm a very nervous driver and what you said resonated with me, this is the reason I'm searching electric. I started with manual when I passed July 18, then moved to automatic last May, but I still panic. Regen breaking sounds amazing. Unfortunately I can't afford one right now, but enjoying the research!!

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Good job ...Credit card swap karaane ke bhi koi charges hote hai ?


Nylon cam gear in the stock timing set. Teeth were probably crumbling off.