Malta is not outside EU.Fahad bhai ye Kar market vaise Hai kaha.Too many people playing with their phones and not looking ahead.Make a credit card authorized user video on the good and bad about it.Haaaaaa hes from canada!Love these vids!

One, what were you thinking of as a better tank, a later M1 version?Off the charts stupidity.Watching this in 2020.Thought the Corsa would be number 1.I look at it as another one of my bank accounts.17:44 What the wha- whaaaa.Lekin slip of tongue hay may samajh sakta ho.I liked and subscribed.

I only clicked cause hes cute.Please Alex put this thing on air suspension and make it a proper slammed beast.Hey this old TonyI was really anticipating the gear project my anticipation meter is almost dropped a zero was wondering if the gears are sitting in a box rusting.I know we are on the southern tip of the African continent but we have some of the best infrastructure on the continent, notwithstanding some difficulties in our economy.It’s not Rocket Science!They think they’re so slick!Ese juego es gta.See how long a car last with this crap going on around us.But we all know the word pandemic has a much darker connotation in today's common understanding.I wish cars could run off that 1 cylinder moped engine you show at the beginning, less parts, less things to fix when it breaks XD.

Man your dad is sooooooo LEGEND!

Man your dad is sooooooo LEGEND!

Me ny kam kiya forex trade.6000 subs arm genos.Makes my job easier thank you soooooooo much.Thank ypu for being tough Mr.You're not even getting POST displayed (which is usually either mem or vid is bad or somebody messed with the bios).

Subodh Pandey

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Barkt Batos

I remember my highschool days. inserting an image

Waleed Khan

ALLAH pak sb ko sood say bachay

D00M Enthusiast

Cool, now hOw dO I fiX mY CaR

Mohammad was illiterate

I paid my mortgage in 7yrs,no holidays,no restaurants,BANG,done,rent it out $710/week.


Congratulations! I am due to take delivery in August (first batch of Model 3s in Australia).I’ve seen lots of Model 3 videos but it was great to get such a detailed view of the handover process.

DrMAshfaq Muhammad

So nice

Kevin L

Canada has plenty of land, should build nice houses with big lots and backyards not these low income look town houses

Palamaner SS

Car insurance gurinchi videos cheyandi bro please.

C Chew

Wish i could build like that

sohail Khan

Nice video brother I like

Scott Brennan

Having to carry car insurance should be illegal or seriously reformed. It's legalized extortion.

mitarani barik

Which one is better PLI or LIC?