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Would have been a sad story for the relatives of the dude in the white truck.Disclaimer: only if you can get over the looks of the car :).Then other hackers began to make their own copies of gateway.Kis bat ke 32m views yar had h.

Guy at 355 deserved that shit.The home loan is amortize loan if you pay 164000 for 200000 that’s a 82% interest.Jo monthly aap bhar rahe ho,vo part interestpart principal hai ya only interest bhar rhe ho.Big respect Torvalds!

A lot of big companies

A lot of big companies

Collectionscan you really negotiate with them to remove the collection from report?Although to get into that program, a background check will be performed again and I have to be off paper for one full year.It will never happen our Gov.Gadi wala gameBolane mein.Nice video, but I see more room to the downside for a while, just buying some puts spreads for now until some good news of coronavirus.

Bhai ek chiz shyd apne na batayi ho.Oh and btw the deceitful seller know tricks and can hide these probs.Stupid audience!You're incredibly hard on certain manufacturers but go easy on others.Beautifull crashes and even a very well written story.

Dealers are crooked!

Dealers are crooked!

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Lost Heaven Racing Circuit.

Lost Heaven Racing Circuit.

Doesn’t it matter how long you’ve owned you house and the interest rate since mortgages are front loaded?Why would that be better for loan brokers?It’s a world wide issue, the World Heath Organization is the instrument to use.That's a good choice get cheap car insurance and quotes visit : Thanks for the info even in 2019 very nice and clear understanding of the topic.Could you brief me on this.

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Sir sabsidi leneki akhri tarikh konsi hai?Koi pakr to nahi ho ge.They have countless buyers!I still think its funny that drivers don't know all trucks have video cams in them.Dear 9 year Hai nsc.I think she should just file for divorce and take her husband to the cleaners!Very clear and simple instruction.

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Your thumbnail said cheap EVs then there’s a tesla model S last time I checked a Tesla model who gives a fck costs $70,000-$150,000

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Very nice. Thanks Sir. I am living in UK. Please make some video on international share market or uk share market. Thanks

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clarity ga chepparu


Sar muzy online car insurance karna hai ab company change hone ke bad ncb melega ya nahi melega

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Asslam o alaikum. Zawar Bahi Aap ka contact number plz bta de...

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Same sort of thing pretty much anywhere these days where you're buying electronic goods over 100.Always want to sell finance or like PC World, some sort of "PCPerformance" with all different after sale services which there really was no need for.All they want is you to make that finance sale so they can get kickbacks.And unfortunately, unlike in the past you could get a commission on items, these days you're required to sell the finance option which will then go towards a "bonus" instead of commission.I could sell anything and even had the knowledge working in PC World that most other sales staff knew nothing of, but I just couldn't sell the finance like everyone else, even though I was outselling everyone after only a month on the job.I lasted about a year and half before I gave up, I'm just not able to lie on something like that.Guess I was born in the wrong era.

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Ok First things first you are a millionaire because of your YouTube status .That being said go take a shower and get a new t shirt that rag you have on makes you look like a homeless junkey who is about to beg for change if your smoking weeds stop it . That does nothing but make you look lazy

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Sir I am confused with grand I 10 NIOS Diesel and Swift diesel


An idea to make your info more palatable, stop calling people"radical left" and "radical right". Hell, I absolutely understand what you guys mean and OBJECTIVELY see nothing wrong with these terms at all because I'm a left-leaning liberal, but not a radical leftist. So the term radical left doesn't apply to me. Yet, despite knowing this consciously, there is still a subjective, personal dislike and hesitation of listening to anyone who talks negatively about radical leftists, simply cause of word association of "left". So despite there being nothing wrong with these terms, humans suck at being objective. So a way to disconnect the emotional response to your message, use "Radical Marxists" cause when you say that, there is no more word association for me cause I'm not a Marxist on any level. I know this sounds like a snowflake "don't hurt my feelings" type of comment. But I assure its not. I only say this to help you. I have no national message I'm trying to get across, so I have no need to appeal to the majority of society. Hell, I don't want that platform. You guys to though. So take my information or reject it, I said it for you to do what it what you will. I just believe this would help stop making people so polarised and objectionable to your message before you even get it across.