Angry Birds Cannon Collection 1 - BLAST THE BAD PIGGIES!

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I don't follow italian cars, but does

I don't follow italian cars, but does

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5 million dollar

5 million dollar

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I started reading at the beginning

I started reading at the beginning

If you know you have accidents and claims in the past, then disclose them in the quoting process.The motorcycle is the original and still the best therapist on he planet.Blog kia bala hai bhai.My first car is an EP2 civic 1.Should we use insurance or not then.Since I'm here, I'd say that given the option I'd probably want to buy.Assla mu Alakium zawar Bhaiacha bhai mujhe koi used gari dhund k day Cultus new model.I said no and she tried to convince me of the benefits so i told her "ill think about it" that was over 20 yrs ago but still thinkingNO and not changed that answer).

I have been following you guys since the last few weeks and among all the YouTube channels, yours is the most informative abd encouraging!Sir Meri net salary 42000 hai aur car loan ka hapta 13000 hai.82 million subs.Can go up to 15 lacs on road.Great vid Ashley and enjoy the channel.By my doctors and my parents.That don't watch tv.Always shop around.



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To get a high score, its best to pay what you spend in full? I want to apply for a credit card but im so cheap when it comes to money lol and I always pay my bills on time and on full.

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Yeah right. I'm going to call an Oober to go 5 miles down a gravel road to get to the FarmFleet. Here's a better idea. Come up with an annual budget for a vehicle and then fit the vehicle to your budget. Insurance is relative, it only gets expensive when the kids turn 15. I've had $80k vehicles and I've had $2500 vehicles, we're talking a couple of Spaghetti dinners on insurance annually. A 15 year old, will cost you a lot of meatballs!

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The beginning is just something else!!

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Informative video

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Apv par baby bhe

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Good solid advice chaps

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Damn thats too much good


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Anyone seen Dave Ramsey’s $6.4 million mansion? Lord Jesus has been good to him.


Chevrolet beat



Love Dr Sowell!!I've rarely run into "intellectuals" that are actually...intelligent!Almost universally lacking on the Left.What a concept, you must be yea tall to ride.Most self-styled intellectuals have about as much business trading in ideas, as a small child does playing with high explosives.

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I meant

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How Repayment procedure of PMEGP loan works?

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What gear is better for an emergency stop

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I have to say, the yellow license plate looks terrible on a peugeot 206. I very much like how the car looks and what feeling the look inspires, but with that yellow plate on it just comes off as an old lady's car, for some reason.

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What little brain Dave Ramsey fails to understand, with interest rates so low right now, banks are practically paying you to get a car


Something wholesome about seeing Alex genuinely chuffed that Ethan set a decent time in the Renault!

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Sar kya ladies ko bhi mil sakta hai


This is a contradiction to another video you post where you said to always pay the total balance and your credit score will go up as well! WTF!!!! Big thumbs down for that