Alternator repair : Noisy Bearings replacement

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The dislike it's a dealer.

The dislike it's a dealer.

Samir Kumar Sinha Former chief executive.I’m dying right now Dave, you are my hero.Heart teaching video.In 2011 i own a 07 silverado pick up 2550 bi25 li 2550 un and it was 988 a year the company was electric ins.Sir invertory ke uper ek video banao.Congrats on paying off your car!

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Sir , very useful videos.Never go to maruti shop for service. Do your own. My self doing in just under 2000/- for my zxi dzire. Engine oil 5W30 semi synthetic for 1400/- , engine oil filter 75/- air filter 210/- all are genuine maruti spares on you


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Bdya lga aapka video phle baar aapka video dekha h

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In the end of the video there was a cat in the tree

Latha Chilukamarri

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carilucky otero

i can not agree more with this gentlemen he truly knows what he is talking about


I'm not sure about this. I do this every month even with extra payments and my score hasn't gone up...

Lal Singh

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So, how to build credit score in 30 years?


Every time someone says "yes that's correct" it is always followed up by "wait a minute..."

spnz folau

I watch this because I love your auto trannyvideo rebuild.Automatic transmission is still a mystery to me. I will never try it until I retire and have nothing else to do. I have several VW auto TDi laying around from 5 speed swap to practice on.

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Should of never gave them ignorants drivers licenses

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Bro I am confused ma me farm jama ke te aw sms be aya ta mobile pe leken tracking ma jab try kia to farm submit nahi arahy no record found what can I do

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Mike Metcalfe

This techniques is only for old cars. Don't try this on new cars

Minh Kieu

I was at fault for an accident 2 years ago. I had provided my statement to my insurance yet the inspection team did not arrive to estimate my damage, they later denied my claim. Now I’m being threatened by the victim with the lawsuit. I really don’t know what I should do next and need help

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F Fuentes

Stop telling people not to buy new cars. I don't want competition in the used car market.

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Zero DEP insurance me full cover nhi hota kya