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I do design a multilevel inverter who does 5 kilowatts, from 48 volts not 24, or dependent of panels even higher, this give les amp more voltage, needs less thick cable and losses.Sir ab seat kaese book hoga?Tabhi tu sab kuch deactivate karega apne sare accounts.

This is a very interesting technology, the "purely

This is a very interesting technology, the "purely

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There's better cars in the salvage yard.If you have a big family and you don't get the desired facilities while living on rent then go for plots and live the way you want in Aerocity Mohali the developed area with 3 way connectivity,modern amenities,parking system,highway.Great, easy to understand Medicare videos.Since we started Dave's plan we grew from a family of 3 to a family of 5.Now they get the real bullshit of this field.It will never be a million dollar car.Local market mein bhul ke bhi mat Jana bhai.Ary bhae koe Gary nhn hy ye haramy jhoot bol thank.Qarza le ke hum govt job hasil kar sakte hain.Psychopaths maybe?

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Vic hacker has

Vic hacker has

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Sir hamare Ghar Mai koi govt noukri nahi hai. Yearly 90,000 thousand hoga .Kya haame loon milega ? Please reply me.


Love you man.


hahaahah linus my hero. as a kid everybody wanted to be superman... astronaut... jet fighter pilot.... linus was my hero, still is. the way he speaks and thinks will go down in history. like if you watch this dude's speeches in 4018fsck debian, too difficult to install.... maybe it was microcare....

Andy Gee

Driving your Miata on a Sunday afternoon, when all of a sudden, The Chin and The Moustache go roaring past you in a contraption that belongs in an episode of Wacky Races!

Kirit Bhalodia

Wah Kevinbaba, congratulations. Great going...


AUG in my game starts at 1110$ ....

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Lic ki kisi bhi policy k lie cont. kre 7065906269

Peter Martinez

Why is this only about trucks and lifted off roader vehicles/SUVs and no sports cars? And how can you call yourself a car guy and not know what Alfa Romeo is? Fastest sedan, SUV, amazing styling, and decades of insane driving dynamics!?!?!

Biggest Boy

I'm 1000th comment

luzviminda sawadan

Mgaling ng dakdak ang insurance na to eh,bgyan ng leksyon

M Teevie

I can’t feel sorry for these people. You know you can’t afford it but you buy it anyway. You can’t cry about later because it was your choice.

Manish Kumar

Amazing video for a beginner. The ideas and the problems have been explained in am eye catching manner. At the same time the terms have been explained with worthy examples. A must watch for beginners

Jose Zerpa

Great presentation! the percentage of clients I meet, that have heard about the UL policies before is nearly 0.

Mel Rose

Why don’t the Limey’s pay for their fair share of UN?

Lee O leary

Very well done lads should be proud



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Bhai video dekha nhi skta to man krde avaj too mt kat

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May kompani

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Why post malone ??

Reed Williams

Bruh. I can't believe you dragged a buffer overflow exploit out into a 20 minute video. What a waste of time


Damn I wish my squad was this coordinated