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Granted it's riskier.Salam bhai sab bhai aik bat bataye mare car go pe hai pale us mai go mini ke ride b aate the us mai option hota tha k go mini active kar na hai to setting mai ja k kar lo but abi cream walo ne wo q band kar diya ab option mai nai hai go mini kiya houa.Did someone say yoga?

I agree with the guest.Having trying different methods to loosen up the tape I found that laying the spool on a turntable and unwinding into a box allowed me to re-spool the tape Loose enough for the tape to come out from the inside of the reel.To be exact it’s 79% nitrogen and tyres filled are only of any effect in track performance cars that put the tyres under that kind of punishmentotherwise it’s just a gimmickp.There are so many unique and interesting people in the world.Is it zero dep or not?It’s 220 road tax which is a fair bit.The guy driving looks like he's never had a good nights sleep in his whole life.Unseakable has your cat got stuck in a treelove your channal.Salamat po wafu idol Mark!I've never seen the point in reading if it isn't adding value to my life.

I want to learn from

I want to learn from

She'll amazingly have amnesia when asked these questions.Seriously dude this is gold, I hope you live long and prosper.Biden doesn't have a chance just on the Bill's he helped pass against the minority communities alone.I'm getting a 2016 honda accord lx on a 48 month lease.I'm meeting seller this saturday.I love this channel and all your editing explaining all things you do.On a 2k account you should be hoping to make 40 buckspounds whatever in a day.Good but aren’t you creating another monthly bill with the line of credit.Sounds exactly like what happened to him.

Sir muze cruiser leni he for business.The 2nd car to attempt this crazy jump was a well-known villain, Dorifto, an orange Bitron B2 powered by a big JATO rocket!Now I need next video.Can you please share the price difference between zero depth and comprehensive insurance.Most of the TFL videos I've watched, no matter what car or truck, it's only about the cars power, mileage, handling, and technology.Very good n informative vedio sir.Power 120 ps (118 hp)alle.When I started my first brand I was so impatient when I askfor a design.

Bias against the

Bias against the

Mera 2nd year chal raha hai.Bhai Bhai Sach Mai milta hai lon mujhe bhi Mila sapne mai.(Money I'm okay with losing).By FAR one of my favorite Porsche models.Bhai like kar diya.Lindsey is a liar.PAKISTAN ZINZABAD.You are the real man,Thnx brother,AAP logo ki bhut need he hmare desh ko,Jai Hind.Final addition bonus 93601000kaise calculate kiya hai.

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The only good thing about hammers is there are not many of them in Europe

Barry Davo

Silly Billys

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Bank ke accounts bhagwan hi Jane. Manouvrs a/cs and reduce money.


Love your channel bro thank u for the game info

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Garmiyo Mein Long Distance Run K Liye Kaun Sa Wala Better Hain, Petrol Ya Diesel, Agar 600km Run Garmiyon K Time Ek Din Mein Kare To Petrol or Diesel K Performance Mein Kya Farq Hota Hain, Aur Hill Section Mein Kaun Sa Wala Behter Hain,Reply Pls Bhaiya...


lol, this is gold.yes, this is 100% accurate

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In the next series of HiLow, you guys should install superchargers instead of turbochargersedit: 9:16 most likely the most hood thing said on donut

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Lawyers and doctors are insured by the same company as employers so don't sue your employer.

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Bharat ka hi hona chahiye

Hey Noob !


Sabrina Diaz

sin dudas el need for speed 1 2 y most wanted son los mejores

Ashfaq Ahmad


Pedro Teodoro

I live in Portugal and am portuguese Can confirm that people are absolute a-holes when it comes to parking


i think it is not Nigel Marsh it is Tyler Durden who said that.


Leasing a car is so stupid i cant stress enough... your basically doing the manufacturer a favor so they can move cars and then the smart people come in and buy that 3yr old car that u just turned in still with factory warranty and njoy it for many many years without much issues and if ur the paranoid type of i feel my engine will blow up or tranny will go out then u can always buy a extended warranty

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What I'm gathering from this, is the entire hacking scene was made MUCH more complicated by the idiot hackers that have a stick up their ass about "ERMERGERD PiRaCy BaD!" It seems like that deranged obsession by these "hackers" are what tends to cause a lot more problems for people than the companies (such as Nintendo)ever did.Seriously, it's so ridiculous that there are people that have the nerve to hack/mod anything (knowing damn well the developers are AGAINST!!) but somehow it's a whole different story if somebody gets a free game out of it?THEN there's a problem???WTF?What's funny is it becomes obvious that SOME companies are FAR more against the "hackers" than they are against piracy, if you pay close attention to the trends of what they do in their updates.Retard hackers:"Uhhhh durrrr, I wanna do things I'm not supposed to do but uhhh durrrr I sure hate dem bad bad pirates!"


Just a heads up but it seems WF has changed its fee policy. Make sure to check out their website for up to date info.

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Sir true

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585000ka lone 3 dino me cancle karane me 21000 ki penalty lag rahi hai kya yah sahi hai?


Bring back the datsun badge

It's so cool to be watching actual footages from Chieftain's Iraq war.

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Hey,I'm definitely a subprime customer (high 500 - low 600s) and I'm trying to get a 2016 Camaro at a $20,000 pre approval. I make about $2300/month. Will I get approved for the amount I'm looking for? and do you think refinancing will be an option in the near-future ?

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how have you got your car knowledge !!! i want to do so much but just have no clue

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Fhcgc very chcvcvc

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Setuju sangat2. Tak mampu tapi nak berlagak.Dah le menyalahi undang2 dan bank boleh saman.

blak polsatpl xcv Olbrachta

z budj wulkan i prosty tor i beczka i wyrocznia


1:13:36 this really ain't rocket surgery

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Satin black and those wheels makes it look pretty slick...I love that thing, full electric...nice