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We've had a BMW 325i Coupe, an X!That's thousands in interest.Awesome awesome content Rob.That exam kicked my butt!Could anybody enlighten me?"Oh what you dont know" lmao.So hopefully they can find someone to take care of the kids because otherwise,that $90k is going to balloon like crazy with the interest.I take the easy route if I see a vehicle I want.

My biggest concern would be health insurance.

My biggest concern would be health insurance.

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RIBA is a big problem for muslims and

RIBA is a big problem for muslims and

It's hazardous for you too.Sir, maternity and new baby cover konsa incuruanc main hain?Mera name bhi mukul hai awsome sir.Bhai MRI car 13 sal ho gye h konsa insurance Lena bst hoga dono m.Now, I know why everyone thinks I'm their best friend."Never Go to This Gas Station"WHICH ONE?Is this an advance video on this function?

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First off be careful listening to someone who isn’t licensed to sell insurance. I’m licensed in CA to sell insurance.There’s more then three coverages , not to mention the term full coverage isn’t just having Comp and collision , what if you wanted rental or towing ?? Wouldn’t be full coverage then . Uninsured under insured which covers you if they don’t have insurance or enough insurance , not what you said, if you don’t have this coverage you sue them, that’s why you get higher liability so you don’t get sued. Your insurance won’t let you use your comp collision unless you pay your deductible. What you didn’t mention is a term called subrogation which allows you to use your insurance even if it’s not your fault, pay your deductible then your insurance gos after them and get your deductible back as well as their money.Theres alsorental, full permissive use which allows someone to drive your car with full coverage as if you are driving some cheap companies don’t offer that, towing , additional equipment, medical.In CA you can do 500/500 liability. If people want to save money don’t get tickets and accidents , and don’t buy I nicer car that cost more to insure then you can afford. Some insurance agents do care about their clients and cheap insurance isn’t the answer because there’s a reason it’s cheaper. If you pay with a bank account there are no fees for some companies even if you pay monthly monthly. Not trying to hate but there’s a reason why you have to be licensed to sell insurance


you cant get a window tint ticket in another state unless its were the car is registered

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Got my driving test on Monday at 9:17, got a 206 sport 1.1 as my first car so gunna be looking for insurance soon

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I would really love it if the pieces of music could be identified in the intro comments. There are a few Beethoven pieces I really love, but if I listen for three hours and none appear I'm disappointed.


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