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Mass immigration is a sign of the moral corruption in the countries people are fleeing from except Islam which is colonizing the rest of the world.You know if you don’t drive that much of a good car just run into them if you get it on camera they get there car taken away and it was a fail.Ayurved tablet punching meshine ka video dikai.Stop ir35 to evoid a big economy crash!

Can u please suggest

Can u please suggest

Azad Bhai Supppppper.Great video, all the info I was searching for.I am looking for a work vehicle and would like to get a 1-3year old RAV4.Avoiding credit cards altogether has its merits even for those who can "responsibly use it".The once robust industry is now mostly owned by the Chinese and The Indians.I put all the original parts back on and trade the car because I was really scared that APR did major damage to the engine and key components.They noticed the cheap build quality and the cheap wrapping job.Lekin mera dil nexon pe agaya hai.

Years ago some friends of mine went to a Catalonia resort talk and bought into one of these deals and now if I go with them those are the only resorts we go to.I'm trying to buy a new car.Pls do more of this I love it it’s super cool.I have 6tb and a 8tb NAS and I feel like I will never use it all.Extremely happy with his teaching.207 sport, 307 sport.If you don't track the sun daily, if your not going to change the angle seasonally or if you have a decent amount of overcast days and if you have a bit of extra space then the best panels are thin film.Or possibly a mansion.I just got into an bad accident and the insurance totaled my car.

And they will only be creating

And they will only be creating

Was issue resolved no, then 2wise I went to get it sorted, found no hope after that and started to accept things.I have already uploaded 2 Photo of RCand now is there any need to activate it?How many nsc can buy a person throughout life span?Is this for Texas.This video is catched me following you to make my car is more beautiful.Have you ever heard of the ZF1 option?Not if your in America the government hands out fake tests and lets it spread and does nothing.I would pay to be able to tour jay's collection.Michline tyre available in India 225 65 R17 can I bought them or not please sugges me.How to overcome this?

Too many people try to talk the talk and never walk the walk.Maine ek Celerio zdi 2nd hand car chus kiya hun.These things are literally everywhere here, and worth fuck all.Put out the names of the RINOs, take a count of the traitors to the party.Ente car kazhinja april accident aai insurence licence allam clear aanu insurence b2bbumber to bumber aanucar total loss aanu insurence clime cheyyan enthallam venam replay plz.Thanks for sharing.Thank you so so so so much,You're the best.What’s the car at 14:45.What's your insurance like?I'm guessing 400,sex unknown and definitely by the helmet from outer space.

You save my life.You explained it so well.More like " why did almost every one buy things they don't need and cant afford".Dia terima masalah pinjaman bank.I hope you’ve got half a mil laying round somewhere.

I feel if you are able to have money just sitting in the bank and you truly want something a nice truck or car and you work hard then you deserve that nice car or truck than just letting that money sit in the bank lol.Also, look how serious he is when talking about the cars.Its June end now.Most likely not everyone makes six figures or 7 figures like you to just pay off a vehicle.You never mentioned the fact that after your lease is up you can buy the car outright after it’s term.

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Can we just have a whole video of Linus doing eastern Canadian accents?

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Kia AP leasing pa car la kar da sahkta han. My contact number 03346605269. Bro ap ki itna waqfit ,Jan pachan ha,ap kis showroom sa Honda civic reborn installment plan dalway day.ap k tu har kio janta han.plzzzzz bro kuch kijay. ShukriayAllah is greatest.


The American DreamHuh .....

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Nice video

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Thank you

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Insurance is a scam that the government is pulling on us to generate more revenue , a lot of people are just stupid and don’t realize there getting ripped off because they rather be safe and covered brainwashed Americans


Brilliant video! A lot of younger people in the audience such as myself. Biggest advice is to buy a property before a car! Don't be tempted. Got my first property out the way before I bought my Porsche and I am so glad I did!

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I don't have any words

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Where'd he get those cool glasses?



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Where do you buy the drone

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HOLY MOLEY!!! that was a very thorough and detailed run through, fair play to that salesman for being so enthusiastic.

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Itni achhi gaadi hexa ko tatti ke sath khda kr diya..OR logo ko gumrah bhi kr rahe ho sir