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I use public transport because in Chinait's cheaper than owning a car.What do you do for work?Look forward to more.Is it bad the he lost me in the first 2 mins.My question is this, I have 1 personal installment loan that is about to end soon.

I like the way you genuinely tried to help the guy.I'm on board with the single wide in the big shop.Why some people disliked.Where should money come from in the first place and who and by what measurement it should be producedprinted and where should that money be held and by whom and how can we access it to transact?God promised to curse interest taken money by rich greedy people, on the other hand, God promised to bless charity given to the needy.

What a bull shitter!

What a bull shitter!

Blessings to you.Apka har video ko follows karta hun.It amazes me when kids who are financially sound don't want to help their parents.Good luck BMW (7 series).Paper Great video!If all markets were open 245 or even 247, it'd be awesome.We don't need regulations?The Enclave even new at $26K I would pass on.Also what was the moral behind the Merchant of Venice.) scares me as much as he does.

Sirf gaadi ka cosmetic dekh ke kharidne jate ho kya car?In the UK motorcyclists are known as ORGAN DONERS and you can see why.Seems to be a common theme with these cars breaking down that many break downs could have been avoided by servicing areas of any car that are common points of failure.You speak of your amortized interest rate as if it is simple interest.Keep up the good work.

I guess this is a lesson

I guess this is a lesson

What fun but there pushing it.I want to lease a Ferrari that I can take on road trips and use as a daily driver, unlimited mileage is a must.So,brother as you told above, you only say how Home loan is not good deal but not told about how should we buy our own home with loan?Pl stay with the topic.Super video--even though I have not viewed the entire video.What classes do I need to take to get a career that earns 6 figures for once in my life?Guess you're screwed, like so many Americans.

It's more like a much better electric oven.The swan story is one of the funniest I’ve ever heard!The models starting in 2013 have a more power from the same engine and all-wheel drive I think.What if the ipad dashboard breaks though.And I have floods lights so if I wanted to get nasty I could.

Thank you so much!And always interesting cars.That covers that annual fee for the 1st year and part of the 2nd.Insider trader sre us.How do I pay it automatically?What kind on paint is that?My credit score went down the drain, had so much in debt and mortgage was hitting me.Sir ap mahan ho.Mujhe kaise 45lakh ka loan pass ho skta hai.

We need to leave " say what?Pappu bhi hai Kya,Twitter me?And it’s always the queerest sounding dudes.All you say is right.And it's paid for!Well we need to see you make one.I am sure that I will be coming to you with answers once I start using my card and receive it.Wonderful description.Which insurance give two wheehler thief protection?But ye to sabko pta h ke jaldi jama karenge to intrest kam jayega.


Table no.???

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So what do you use to check your credit score?

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Mitch you crack me up even more watching you hold your laughter in!. Good one!

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Thanks to you and everyone that take the time to post these great videos with down to earth commentary.and excellent coverage,if anybody has any negative comments I suggest you keep them to your self!!thanks again TW Canada,s west coast.hey joe pie,,,,nice to see you comment....

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fantastic drama , of jagirdars and waderas.The real rulers of Pakistan, some very wise words.



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lets also be honest that some people also use rented cars like that to be able to right off the expence on a companies dime.. isnt that the rap artist game?

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