7 Main Tips for New Drivers from Professionals

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Not like planned obsolescence of some companies.Its easy, they sell you an interest only, you make every payment on time but the poor return on your endowment plan leaves you with a shortfall, you do not have enough savings, so they throw you out, see, simple isnt it.Thank you soooooooo much for making this video!I have my final RTA road test on 16 02 2020 in EDIpray for me guys.In Norway this is similiar to fiction.The 2018 Accord Touring opens the driver door with one press on the FOB open button or it will open all 4 doors if you double press the FOB open button.What packages on the cayenne turbo would you not skip out on?LolCongrats on paying off your car!

Brian May, so humble, so forth coming,

Brian May, so humble, so forth coming,

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Sell the house and find a cheaper one.

Sell the house and find a cheaper one.

Good explanation, good funny stuff when needed, good video editing."Thank you for posting this video!I used to own the last car.Youaf i kamalwonderful.I'd rather have LUCAS, than Italian electronics, show Italian electronics any rain or damp then you're stuck at the side of the road.

How to stay safe and average

How to stay safe and average

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What’s my balance though?

What’s my balance though?

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Another great video, Jehu. Many thanks for sharing.

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In what world (the US) are the firefighter and police and sanitation pensions being lost? Please tell us!!!!

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Mujhe ek saal ho Gaya loan liye Abhi tak subcidi nahi aayi

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I have had my first car a couple of months now a 2011 black corsa vxr


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what kind of software an independent agent will be using to get quote and setup ? software for every insurance companythey work for or the use only one for all ? thanks

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Doug, your cost ofmaintenance should be divided over the months after the warranty expired. The cost of financing, taxes and other fees, insurance, fuel and carwashes are all part of the cost of ownership. Also, an explorer would be a daily driver that would run up 20K miles/year. Apple's and oranges, my friend. To me, the winner is depreciation.

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I passed my test but still watch these videos for entertainment.

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the decimal button ( commma button ) does not work in my code i can enter a decimal number but when i try to do ( 1,2 2 = ) it doesnt remeber the ( , )it does( 122 = )

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Thank you for this video. Taking corporate finance right now and I got the unfortunate news that I was not allowed to use my graphing calculator. Had to go out and buy a calculator and this was the only financial calculator I could find in my time constraint. Thanks to your video I am now have a greater sense of confidence on my exam today.Thanks again.

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what about water if you face some palace waterit could bring damages toengen,how about its A/C and light up system is enough confident to use it like other cars.


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