2020 Chevrolet Traverse: Review

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26:54 I'm a Robot

Sandeep Rathee

Tootlay yhabi aagya y Baal in kaarnaamo may udaa leye hehe

Subhash Pathak

Many many thanks for d excellent informative video. Aisa informative n tips wala video bana te rahe.jai hind.

Brian Williams

Loved the video and love the computer. Similar specs to mine so it will run FS2020 nicely. That landing was similar to one I did into Lakeland in fs20, vis right down to minimums but with rain.

Mohsin Official

bahi apna send kro mujy gari layni hai

Akhil S Kumar

.. . ... hatsoff.. Proud of u sir

Michael Manohar

Thanks for informing us

Vikas Kharb

It's funny to see gundeep's expressions. You guys make it look like easy, interesting and knowledgeable all at the same time.PS - million dollars

Ashish Kumar patel

nice vedio brother


You can take that CD changer out now. Nobody listens to CDs anymore. You'll make the car even lighter

khurram sheikh

Front mei disk brakes huti hain i had 1998 it had disk brakes by default

anees EK


Kiro 13

7:38 its a reference to the blood bath scene in scarface yo

Pramod Balakrishnan

16% avg return is a dream. Reality is 10-12%.

Laraib khurram

story is very nice

Myia TheBoss

we just got approved 4 F H A.first time buyer... I am concerned with, all the little things title fee, inspection fees, 3.5% down. us closing cost. we found a house and they seller agreed to pay 3% of that cost, I need info on what's normal closing cost what's the first time buyer discounts.