2019 Mercedes-Benz A220 vs 2019 Mazda 3 - Comparison - Putting Premium to the Test

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You guys make entertaining videos

You guys make entertaining videos

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It is NOT mathematically possible.

It is NOT mathematically possible.

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Slave axis to Y

Slave axis to Y

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So Carly is to BMW what Tazer is to Mopar

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Just like those World Vision people in the shops.



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Thanks sir

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How would I modify your calculations if I was paying fortnightly payments?

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I just applied and hopefully they can help me out I’m so nervous

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Hey,I'm a first year student taking a course on accounting, and your videos are really helping me out atm. Even better than my professor's courses...Thanks a lot!!!







I can imagine Scotty Kilmer doing a video aboutTyler Hoover. Rev up your engines.If you buy broken cars constantly like Tyler, you will end up bankrupt and homeless.

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Bohut acchi news h lic ajent k liye unnhe bhi pata hona chaaye ye baante bcoz unki bhi to h polici.. .dhanywad


Who decides the premium value? Sometimes I see premium value as 0.01 ... what does that mean? And when I try to call that option, robinhood internally shoots the value to 0.05$. Why? Also, when is the premium money actually debited from my account? On expiration date, on the day strike price is hit or on the day I actually select the option? Its too intimidating for a beginner like me!

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sir please procedure as how to apply personal loan

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DEC 2019: SUV’s and trucks can easily range from $550-$1000 depending on one’s credit. Imagine putting all of that monthly payment into an IRA. But no, consumer mentality prevails here in America. Stay woke, dont get broke.