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Org x brapa pandang dah.

Org x brapa pandang dah.

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IDEA 2: Gravity problems:

IDEA 2: Gravity problems:

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Colour is the English way of spelling it, color is the simplified American version.

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I'm in south Carolina I was working in a lane closure that was set up properly and plenty of warning signs, arrow boards, cones etc. I was operating a piece of equipment that requires you to stand on and was hit by a wide load semi truck in the rear end the machine I was on is so big that thankfully all it did when struck was throw me around some on the platform but it stain muscles and ligaments in my neck and a waiting an mri but dr believes I have a least 1 lumbar disc herniated it could have been alot worse thankfully it wasn't. Driver of the truck was 100%at fault and came into th work zone speeding disobeying the warning signs etc. Have you had any similar cases and how did they turn out


I absolutely love my air fryer

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