2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 4MATIC Overview | Edmonton, AB

My tax refund went to delinquent debt student loan.Bottom line, if you WANT to drive a new car every 3 years and have the latest technology and safety with no repair bills then the cheapest way to do that is to LEASE.Thing handled nicely.Love this guys art work!It was fantastic but not available on internet.TESLA IS A RIPOFF.

Kabhi high bim me to kabhi indicater me.Now trade the house with big house Than trade that house with even big oneThan trade the house with one supercar Than trade supercar with more exclusive oneThan trade that one with yachtThan trade that with more exclusive yachtThan trade the yacht with more exclusive yachtThan trade the yacht with planeThan trade the plane with more luxurious planeThan trade the plane with world most expensive carThan trade the car with world most expensive yacht Then trade the yacht with world most expensive plane Than sell the plane with 500million dollar Than buy a first red clip that trade with 500 million dollar.The "in a while" varies by your lifestyle.It’s awesome how Dave just looks at the numbers and says just sell the house I feel like my parents are in so much debt that we just just start looking at the numbers and see what’s gets paid off.But the petrol 1.

This guy is an idiot!

This guy is an idiot!

Then which annual income will be considered?Aap he sahi kaha sar.So if I invest my money in mutual funds, how much safe it is?Now we submitted our EOI in Arrima portal for quebec.Tony's perception with people is so spot on!Sounds just like my race boat.I can tell the old ones is running too slow.

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I have questions.I need to try it lol.Brezzza 2017 Model allaa 2016 September.LONG TERM KI LEYA INVESTMENT KATNI CHEHYE hoti Hai.IN- FLU - END - ZA!

Welcome to the United States of Amazon.

Welcome to the United States of Amazon.

Love it, Love it, Love it.Can i get one or nah.Any countries you'd mentioned are somewhat the main target in WWIII.All that for speeding.Minimum wage in my country is ur skinny check on a plate.I’ve wanted that car so bad its killing me that u got it for free.Yea bro go for it that hellkeazy would look dope asf.


A bit of AC/DC but not AC/DC at the end there :)Good video as usual.

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Good lesson

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I have a leased 2018 Silverado 1500 for $348 a month. 15k/year.... walked in looking to buy a simple work truck and walked out 3 days later with all the bells and whistles because he threw them in the deal. Last time I ever lease.... what a waste of money.


By this interview, you'd never say he's a rockstar. He comes across like e totally random nice guy on the street, just talking and being ordinary. But of course, he's anything but that, and that's why i like him.

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Only 10,tranget in 12 months?

Gopal Kovind


Aman pakistan army zandabad Ullah

My name is amanullah ha baye mara name b la 1 videos ma bay ma Saud Arab sa hay baye

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Good bro lov u


Just going towrap it in some vinyl and have itready for SEMA!

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can i use more then one debit card from axis bank same account

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mutual fund investiment deatailed ayi paranjutharamo.... enik nikshepikkananu

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Useful post thank you very much


26:32 based off of a german pzIII I believe, my knowledge is in planes not tanks sorry if im incorrect

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Yogini opposite voice is not clear

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Fuckn awesome

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I understand the $100 thing from 30-70... in fact, I am doing this .... the issue with it is that 1M by the time I am 70 ain't ...also, who wants to wait until 70 to be riche? Really?

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Ain't Care... Da Snow Edition!!!


No u re perfectly right I agree with you.

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e vilmat qruia