2017 Kia Sorento SXL V6 AWD: Test Drive

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Adaptive cruise control maintain safety margin to avoid

Adaptive cruise control maintain safety margin to avoid

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Ali bahi jamat e

Ali bahi jamat e

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The only problem with the wheels is

The only problem with the wheels is

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You guys are very inspiring...! Full of positive vibes..! God bless

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That's a KKKop for ya... "They get Jealous when they see ya on yo mobile phone." 2Pac

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The Porsche looks so good . Hi guys what do you think of the Mercedes Benz gl for an offroader I'm thinking of getting a Mercedes Benz gl500 2008 as an offroader .Thoughts ?

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Sir,mere ghar pe painting karte hua ek painter ki death hogi thi....ab chargesheet pe 304a ipc case laga hai....to isse related kicj information mil sakta hai....waiting for ur reply

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Nail Clippers,,

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Reality hai bhai


I had fun watching this trip. I’m jealous. Holding out for a Model Y. However, aren’t you shortening the life if your battery by deep discharging it so low so often?

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Great video's but maybe stop using the same sound bites over and over

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That is why tata is tata.atleast maruti suzuki maan toh jaata hai ki problem kya hai.volume zaada hai but maan toh jaate hain.

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Yes, P1 is the first payment and P2 is the second payment.So, if you wanted to know how much interest you paid between payments 1 and 10, P1 would be 1 and P2 would be 10.

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Elon is the type of entrepreneur that made America great, not these asses of today that are only concerned with quick profits. Thanks to him, an electric car of today leaves nothing to be desired in comparison to a combustion car, except for price, but that's being worked on also.

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Fantastic car bro.

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Well move to gta online


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Need to name her "Rubi" shes red and a rubi-con. fits perfect. looks killer guys!!!

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Christopher- I was picking up a client at 3 am . I was parked on kendell drive where there was four lanes and I was all the way to the far right curb with my emergency hazards onas the client was walkingtowards my car . Before he could get in I was struck from.behind my car was total loss. My insurance has declared the driver who rear ended me 80 percent at fault . However,im unclear about a letter I received from geico.. They stated that they would not be providing coverage to the at fault driver because he was not on the insurance policy and that they would take no further action to the claim .. My question is how does this effect or benefit my case and in what way ?

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Rohit Sahu

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