2016 Toyota 4Runner | CarGurus Test Drive Review

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But am broke

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I'm getting older and my parts are beginning to wear.


BMW drivers are the worst.

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Sir, which is the best bank for low income family for house construction with lowest interest....

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Patrick I have really enjoyed several of your videos! I really appreciate that you pressed Robert for answers. I'm thankful for the perspective that Robert brings to the financial arena, but it was incredibly painful to listen to some of the answers he gave in this interview and honestly it left a bitter taste in my mouth.I find it interesting that he waited until just before the crash to introduce his most recent books. Does he really care about the average person'? No. Robert is capitalizing off of fear! I'm not surprised, but It's disappointing. Inspire me to rise to the occasion! He's an incredibly intelligent man but in this interview...You forced him to articulate what to do and you exposed the extreme views that drive his true desire (Money).

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Omsree peddammaya namha



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bro breeza carina currichulla abhiparayam nthannu

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Bruh, I just wanted a video of you and Becky doing a McDonald's review, with your favourite orders from the menu, making the drivetrough a real montage...Can that be a thing??

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"Islamic" Banking is 9 out of 10 times RIBA. Period.

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11 millon Rupees tu price hone chye es ke nice car i buy same version nice car

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I'm convinced angry dad is in on all these, no one could be that stupid to keep falling for their cruel tricks. I say rigged!


I walk out the door and into my car then iknow if he doesn’t try to get me back that’s the best deal he can give me , I can always go back but he doesn’t know that.