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Rimpy Sharma


Jim Farrell

Mazda / Ford Ranger, really thought it would be a Tacoma :-)

Md Kawsar Hussen

Thanks a lot, your explanation so much helpful and clear.

Alotta Expenses

my score went up 80 pts!

zohaib tariq

zawar bhai is it confirm that mira es give 30 while alto 2014 it gives 37 km p l i think it is biased...

Itz LJ

very interesting video learnt a lot and is the only video that gave me ideas on games that i’m probably going to make on roblox

Voodooozo 37

8:05 doom slayer is a baker confirmed

Manuel Ponsa

Hi Sunny! Very clear explanation. How does the client encrypts communication with server once the token is granted?

Cristian Croitoru

Nice, I learned something today.Now - on the bright side - I know how to do a No1 and a No2 :)