2016 / 2017 Volvo XC90 T6 AWD Review and Road Test | DETAILED in 4K

He is from business background (solid background)So tata service centres never messes with the strong party.Did you see a Mythbusters episode about driving using a mobile phone Vs drunk driving?Lol people are such scumbags xD if I were in his position the dad would be dissapearing.Do you give advice on personal credit privately.Sir, Please make a video on normal home loan vs home loan with overdraft like SBI max gain.

I can explain it.

I can explain it.

Quando sai a continuao.Nice show chaps.Sorry why tf he works on a car show and doesnt wana drive a car round a track?This is the saddest call."average people" are "below average".We do not tolerate it, we demand thatALL of them are sent back to their own country.Mere yha cab nhi hai toto or bus hai.

Hey Bro, I don't looked your videos

Hey Bro, I don't looked your videos

Even after winning an iphone, they dont even smile.My grill was a high level grill.It feel good to doing baby steps 4 5.I love michells face expressions!Beautiful my son.

I just really wanted to make sure you could see the full version we worked so hard on.This guy is my hero.Okay, maybe we don't need to panic, but we should start taking the Coronavirus a lot more seriously than we are.You're doing an amazing job, bro.Agar GOLD KI QEEMAT 3Lakh sy opper hy magar loan 1 Lakh chaey to?

Learn something new everyday.He ground the poor gears but it took it.Claps for your explanation.Thanks for the tutorial Mr.Plus, if you carry negative equity on the new loan most gap policies will protect up to 150% of the loan.But I have a fair credit score.

5 lag Ka 80c investment kiyahai.

5 lag Ka 80c investment kiyahai.

How does it work in the uk with Mot's if u decat your car will u pass emissons?Meaning will there be fees or anything along the way or when I start using it for retirement?That 14 year old is going to be a multi millionare.Car debt is a surefire way to stay poor, or in the middle class.Pakistan zndabad.Please launch this FIR dear Lawyer.I am a 64 year old rider with lots of experience,yet find your videos very helpful and informative.

Sienna Holmen

Mint.com is a godsend for this! It tracks all your spending and does all the work for you. It has saved us.

ray siat

Another example of costs favoring the wealthy.

mm 12

And for withdrawn charges with clean records as your 3rd party checks will come back not clear

Azmat Sharif

I am interested to buy this carContact with me

Davin Kreitz

Just stumbled on this video and was very interesting. I appreciate the knowledge share. And i also think the cameraman needs some better training hahaha!


I will never take out a mortgage on a car. I don't want or need a car that has a computer in it either.

Georgi Georgiev

A lot of passion in this video! Kind of different from your new style where you're smiling and composed...

rajesh kj

I took home loan 6L 8.5 on 2011 i paying loan from 2012onwords9000/month, still 1,30,000 balance is there .if i clear now, weather i have to clear with interest (1,30,000) or how much please suggest sir

Rahul Jacker

40 lacs for what?170 ps power or 2.litre engine?Tata Gravitas 170 ps power 2 litre engine for max. About 25 lacs...

Crimson Slayer

Monkey banger is the best name ever

Ashutosh Gupta

Can we maintain both EPF and NPS or can only use either EPF or NPS?

ASHANSH PATEL bdiya yaar harsh keet it up

Thank u sir sch me bachat ho gyi. Idhr udhr jana bhi nhi pdha. Thanks

Ash Dean

Should have bought an E46 M3 with a carbon airbox and saved 10k. haha

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Baby step 1


It’s a world wide issue, the World Heath Organization is the instrument to use.It somehow does not respect political boarders, and silly nationalist exceptionalism.A pandemic is upon us all.

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CantHaveEnough ValvesYellingLove the content!!!

Scotty G

Passed test 1 week ago.Age 28.Vivaro van.684.75 a year.No no claims discount.Works in call centre.



Ashutosh S

Jazz ka boot space thoda Kum hai par build quality bohut badiya hai


1000 times better than Suzuki mahran / cultus / wagon R

Berkay Gamer

Asphalt8 is Best